QFiles Private Briefings

Steve Quayle: “As hurricane Ida heads toward the Gulf Coast 16-years-to-the-day after hurricane Katrina's disastrous landfall, it should be noted that American refineries and oil platforms have shut down in order to deal with the approaching storm....
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Steve Quayle: “Brothers & Sisters, America ‘dies before our eyes’ and hardly a tear is being shed on our behalf. Starvation will soon hit this land and tens-of-millions of people will be doomed. Today's generation, with no understanding of hist...
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Steve Quayle: “Today's PRIVATE BRIEFING is one of the most urgent and most time sensitive we have ever sent out. I feel an overwhelming desire to wake up our entire country to a catastrophe already taking place, so please listen carefully. The rele...
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Steve Quayle: “It should come as no surprise that the name ‘Lucifer’, so long obscured in the world’s press, is now being used in casual excess, even to the naming of a heat wave now attacking the air over Sicily. Also notable, the enzyme kno...
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Steve Quayle: “Attention anyone with ears to hear: this will be one of the most passionate warnings I’ve ever issued to the public. The Globalist Luciferian Elite have brought this country to its knees and now they are about to thrust the final d...
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Steve Quayle: “If ever there was a just-in-time Private Briefing, coinciding with the beginning of the end, THIS IS IT. From all appearances and accounts, we have only a few days (or maybe a week) left before things completely unravel. All over the...
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Steve Quayle: “Ladies & gentlemen, we have truly entered into a time where YOU COMPLY, YOU DIE. While the rest of the world is getting fed up with the Globalist’s ever-growing, fascist technocracy, the good ol’ U.S. of A. looks like it’s fall...
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Steve Quayle: “When I came up with the term ‘Track-em, Whack-em, & Stack-em’ it was meant to be a catchall phrase referencing the danger of cell phones, or as I call them, ‘hell phones,’ in our new Orwellian-Luciferian, Control-Grid of a So...
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