The Mexico Xpeditions: Alien Artifacts Unearthed

The Mexico Xpeditions: Alien Artifacts Unearthed

What can you expect with the GenSix Xpeditions in Mexico?

Never Before Seen Footage

Each shovel of dirt being emptied, each root being cut, and each artifact unearthed in real time from excavated holes, some eight feet deep. Mindboggling height, depth and width of filming showing every detail and action. No smoke and mirrors, no trick photography, just raw footage from both of GenSix’s expeditions in Mexico.

Exposing The Truth

Viewed on screen is the unpretentious exploration and discovery of ancient artifacts which display the Meso-American people’s interaction with extraterrestrials from empires that flourished hundreds of years ago, thousands of years ago and from preadamic times. Depicted on camera are ancient artifacts showing hybrid or interdimensional beings, Fallen Angels, who are masquerading as Aliens and Ancient Egyptian gods.

A Matter Of Seed

Artifacts herald the reinfestation of Fallen Angels in a new Genesis 6 type encounter returning at the End of the Age. Double helixes on several artifacts indicate the genetic manipulation of ancient peoples by the Fallen Angels that will be revisited on modern man in our era.

Time Marker For The End Of The Age

GenSix Productions reveals ancient evidence that you need to be aware of in order to be prepared for the End of the Age. Mankind is being setup for the Great Deception which will tell humanity that aliens, Fallen Angels, are our creators. These artifacts expose Fallen Angel interaction with ancient Egyptians, Toltecs, Aztecs, and Mayans which point to the genetic corruption of ancient mankind, and the resumption of that corruption on an unsuspecting modern man. Steve Quayle – “Why are our findings in Mesoamerica relevant? It's critical to understand the genetic manipulation that occurred in ancient times which is also occurring now in our modern times. In our ‘shovel by shovel’ excavations, we expose the truth about Fallen Angel corruption on an unsuspecting humanity. Are you interested in the search for the ancient ones? Well, we found them! Are you curious about the search for alien intervention in human DNA? Well, we found it!” DON’T MISS THIS EXTENSIVE AND EXPLOSIVE FOUR-HOUR EXPOSÉ ON GENSIX’ XPEDITIONS IN MEXICO!

What People Are Saying About The Mexico Xpeditions: Alien Artifacts Unearthed

Hello Steve, Just received my copy of Lies of Mens and Gods today and just want to say thank you and to say you completely knocked it out of the park, to use an old baseball expression! I can see you cringing now as you read that, lol.... I knew this was going to be great as all of your productions are, but this one exceeded my expectations! Appreciate all you do in keeping us informed and just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanks! Blessings to you & your family!
Gordon F.
Steve: My wife Cindy and I just watched ‘Lies of Men and Gods’. This is really an outstanding achievement and work.

The video and still imagery is spectacular. The narration of the exceptional writing is carefully matched with the video content to deliver the information with real impact. I also thought that the pace of the movie was just perfect and every section of the movie had a ‘kick’ to it.

And of course you brought it around to Jesus at the end. I hope that the movie reaches people where they are and in a manner to glorify the Lord in the greatest way.

God bless,
Stan S.
WOW! I’m blown away by this excellent DVD Lies of Men and Gods. It hits home about everything happening in the world right now concerning the “END OF TIMES” humanity is now living in.

It’s my hope Steve you’ll sell billions of these DVD’s to help wakeup brain dead humanity.
Rick T.



GenSix Productions was launched in 2014 with a mission to set the record straight giving an accurate historical and contemporary worldview based on the pivotal episode recorded in the sixth chapter of Genesis (as well as in many other ancient manuscripts and traditions). We believe that the narrative of Genesis 6 is the key to unlocking the secrets of the prehistoric past, and the cipher for decoding the mysteries of the prophetic future.

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