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IT’S ON: Lucifer’s Rage Initiating the Extinction of the Human Race!

August 13th 2021

IT’S ON: Lucifer’s Rage Initiating the Extinction of the Human Race!

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Steve Quayle: “It should come as no surprise that the name ‘Lucifer’, so long obscured in the world’s press, is now being used in casual excess, even to the naming of a heat wave now attacking the skies over Europe. Also notable, the enzyme known as ‘Luciferase,’ an important component of vaccines and the current push for global genocide, underscores the ultimate goal of the Luciferian Elite: to end humanity and replace it with a new and improved successor: a race of trans-human entities that ‘surely will not die!’ The same old lie from the Garden of Eden is making its rounds again, and the gullible are salivating to take a bite. And what also should not surprise us, those who understand the end-of-days prophecies (daily announced in headlines from around the world), is the onset and use of the name Lucifer more and more in the public’s conscious narrative. Meanwhile, the hatred For Jesus Christ and His followers is rapidly accelerating. If humanity wasn’t so blind, they would see and admit that what is happening CLEARLY validates the prophecies of both the Old and New Testament in God's Holy Word. The real tragedy of the contemporary Christian Church is that the name of Jesus and His word are no longer considered relevant. Concurrent with the rejection of Jesus is the acceptance and recognition of the Pope or ‘Head of the Roman Church on Earth’, who is working overtime to establish a New World Order and a seat-of-power for its Messiah, Lucifer himself!

John, one of Christ's disciples, stated that any spirit that' denies that Jesus Christ is Lord' is the ‘Spirit of Antichrist’ which prepares the way for the literal beast. What is so interesting is that many Christians who belong to ‘seeker-friendly churches’ are denying the very Lord Jesus Christ who died to save them. I always knew that the ‘Great Falling Away’ would coincide with the rise of Lucifer, the antichrist, who is no doubt busy right now wining-and-dining the kings of the Earth who have pledged to yield their power and authority over to him, the Prince-of-Darkness. As for us, brothers and sisters, children of the Living God, arise in the power of the Holy Spirit and be not afraid of the battle that has been set before us, for greater is He that is within us than He that is in the world!

In closing, watch for the name ‘Lucifer’ to begin manifesting in all forms: headlines, articles, announcements, and more. Concurrent with this will be the obscene slander of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If you fellowship in a church that no longer preaches against sin and the need for personal repentance, flee for your eternal life’s sake, and trust God to lead you into a true fellowship of like-minded believers who love Jesus Christ...”

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Posted By:
Darrin Geisinger
August 13, 2021

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