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COMING SOON: The Day the Country Stands Still!

August 9th 2021

COMING SOON: The Day the Country Stands Still!

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Steve Quayle: “Attention anyone with ears to hear: this will be one of the most passionate warnings I’ve ever issued to the public. The Globalist Luciferian Elite have brought this country to its knees and now they are about to thrust the final dagger into its heart. Food Distribution Warehouses have been targeted in an effort to starve America into desperate submission. Airlines cannot find enough fuel to keep their planes in the air and they are cancelling flights by the hundreds. Inflation is skyrocketing and manufacturing materials of all kinds are in short supply. And things are about to get much worse.

Of course, this is ALL BY DESIGN. The shutdown, takedown and dismantling of this once great nation is nearly complete. As tensions rise across every state in our dis-union, the puppet-masters in control are popping their popcorn in anticipation of a show to end all shows. They are waiting to watch the anger toward the conservatives, those daring to resist their beastly jab and liberal insanities, bubble over into a full-blown war. There are now standing orders to forbid the unvaxxed from entering restaurants, and soon we will be a banned from taking any flights (if they are still going up), and then it will move onto a total prohibition of going into grocery stores or any public places. The attack on the American Patriot is in full swing, pressuring families-in-need to give in just to feed their children, trying to force them to bow to their straight-out-of-1984 fascist nightmare.

SO – If you STILL have not put up a six-month supply of food, and gained access to your own fresh water, WAIT NO LONGER. Picture this: Where you are right now, where you and your loved ones reside tonight, is where you will have to remain for several months while our society unravels. You’re about to be ‘all dressed up with no place to go.’ When the gas pumps run empty and there is no more food on the store shelves, your only safe-haven will be at home (where you’ve hopefully prepared), tucked under the wings of God Almighty. Your best bet is stay grounded and shut-in while riots consume a civilization that has rejected God Himself, and chosen instead to be full of evil -- continually.

Listen, they are not playing fair. Right now, weather warfare of the worst kind has brought farmers and ranchers to their knees. They can no longer afford to keep their livestock due to climbing supply costs and rising hay prices. Animals are being slaughtered by the tens of thousands simply because their owners can no longer sustain them. And what affect does this have on our crumbling country? EVERYTHING. ‘When the store shelves run dry, that’s when innocent people die.’

Beyond stripping of the American farmer of his ability to produce food, the final nail in the coffin will prove to be their endless money-printing and free-handouts to an already entitled generation. The ‘free’ money was all the reason many of our youths (and for that matter: adults) needed to remain permanent couch-potatoes, cyber-linked to their pacifying video-games, awaiting their next check from Uncle Sam. Any incentive or desire to work hard and make an honest living has evaporated, and so has the prosperity within our borders. BOTTOM LINE: You are watching the demolition of a free society in favor of an enslaved one. NOW, where do we go from here? Well, it looks like NOWHERE as those who have prepared hunker down and ride out the biggest storm in this nation’s history. Be on guard. Be in fervent prayer, as these dark days erupt in flames...”

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Posted By:
Darrin Geisinger
August 9, 2021

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