Earth in the Crosshairs

Earth in the Crosshairs

The Interdimensional Gates of Hell Have Opened
“I will build my church; and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” Jesus Christ

A transdimensional invasion is occurring on Planet Earth!

For thousands of years, spirals have been used to depict portals, wormholes and stargates. Now in modern times, strange spirals in the sky have been captured on film. The mainstream media is quick to dismiss these phenomena as natural weather occurrences or the launch of satellites.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Sightings of UFOs, orbs and strange spirals in the sky have been seen and documented by people throughout the centuries. In recent years, their numbers have increased exponentially, along with other sightings of strange phenomena. In other words: The Literal Gates of Hell Have Opened!

“The ancient Sumerian gods are returning!” Pentagon Insider

With the significant increase in UFO sightings, a UAP Task Force labeled the problem a National Security Issue. But what has not been discussed is WHERE exactly are these UFOs coming from? Could they be from other planets, or dimensions - or BOTH? And could they be interdimensional travelers that have breached our atmosphere by other means of propulsion? Is Earth the target of a calculated invasion to flood our planet with a demonic, malevolent menace?

This DVD Earth in the Crosshairs answers these vexing questions!

Featuring: Stephen Quayle, Daniel Holdings, Dr. Travis Taylor, Cliff Mahoody, Marcellus Medina, Jesse G., William Henry, and more.

Includes bonus disc with extended interviews and content from Dr. Travis Taylor, Cliff Mahoody, Marcellus Medina, Jesse G., and William Henry.

What People Are Saying About The Mexico Xpeditions: Alien Artifacts Unearthed

Hello Steve, Just received my copy of Lies of Mens and Gods today and just want to say thank you and to say you completely knocked it out of the park, to use an old baseball expression! I can see you cringing now as you read that, lol.... I knew this was going to be great as all of your productions are, but this one exceeded my expectations! Appreciate all you do in keeping us informed and just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanks! Blessings to you & your family!
Gordon F.
Steve: My wife Cindy and I just watched ‘Lies of Men and Gods’. This is really an outstanding achievement and work.

The video and still imagery is spectacular. The narration of the exceptional writing is carefully matched with the video content to deliver the information with real impact. I also thought that the pace of the movie was just perfect and every section of the movie had a ‘kick’ to it.

And of course you brought it around to Jesus at the end. I hope that the movie reaches people where they are and in a manner to glorify the Lord in the greatest way.

God bless,
Stan S.
WOW! I’m blown away by this excellent DVD Lies of Men and Gods. It hits home about everything happening in the world right now concerning the “END OF TIMES” humanity is now living in.

It’s my hope Steve you’ll sell billions of these DVD’s to help wakeup brain dead humanity.
Rick T.



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