As In Any Crisis, When the Supplies Run Dry, You Die!

August 29th 2021

As In Any Crisis, When the Supplies Run Dry, You Die!

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Steve Quayle: “As hurricane Ida heads toward the Gulf Coast 16-years-to-the-day after hurricane Katrina's disastrous landfall, it should be noted that American refineries and oil platforms have shut down in order to deal with the approaching storm. Is a looming energy crisis about to add to the supply-chain-crunch already gripping our country? And there’s something missing in the discussion as grocery shelves across the nation go bare. No one is stating the blunt truth: When the supplies run dry, you die! It's true in all wars. It's true in business, and it's now true in America, as stores throughout the U.S.A. are running empty. The word ‘selection’ has turned to ‘availability,’ or LACK thereof. Again, I want you to carefully consider our headline statement: ‘When the supplies run dry, you die.’ I’m stating the obvious when I say that the water we drink, and the food we eat, are critical elements in our survival. When food and water cease to exist, so will our lives. STOCK UP NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

As a draconian lockdown and a call for vaccination passports was enacted against the Australian people, truckers in the land-down-under are making a statement: ‘We’re not going to take it anymore!’ And rumors persist that within two weeks a trucker’s strike here will bring the U.S. to a complete standstill. The resulting aftermath of truckers refusing to deliver needed supplies, both in the U.S. and in other countries around the world, will be the most severe and unimaginable shortage of everything that we've been taking for granted at our local grocery and box stores.

The prosperity we’ve all enjoyed has been systematically destroyed under the guise of a great reset, which is nothing more than the take over and take down of the world’s (once) most powerful economy. Couple this takedown with the planned destruction of 250 million Americans lives by the year 2025 (per the Deagle Report), and what you have ladies and gentlemen is the complete MELTDOWN that I have been warning you about for decades. I hope you’ve been paying attention and have prepared for what’s coming.

Even worse, a mega-drought is smothering the western United States. Farmers are being paid to plow their fields and crops under which will result in even less harvest, livestock feed, and produce available to food markets and grocery stores. It's interesting to me that all the telegraphed signals coming from the lying politicians (who in this case might actually be telling the truth) is that this coming holiday season may turn out to be the ‘farthest from normal’ in the history of this country.

Anthony Fauci's war on human beings, with all his endless lies, could not have been more well scripted than if Lucifer had dictated Fauci’s schemes word-for-word! BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE: Now we're being told that we need to have one of their death-jabs even as the store shelves run dry and millions go hungry. Fantastic: poisoned by their witchcraft just before we all starve to death! Extinction Protocols are playing out before our eyes and the majority of Americans don't see what's happening right under their noses. Famine, death, plague, and war will now be on our beaches and shores as we become softened up just prior to foreign invasion. Even though the frosting and the cake appear to be imaginary, the candles that go with them are appearing very real and deadly. European, Asian, and Russian nuclear weapons are being moved into position for the false World War III scenario that will bring about the antichrist, false prophet, fallen angels, and all the physical manifestations of Hell-on-Earth foretold to us in scripture. As we were warned by these prophecies long ago, no one is coming to our aid in the natural to save us, but God Almighty will protect, provide, lead, and guide those who trust in Him in the ways that we must go to fulfill His desire in our lives. Place your trust in Him brothers and sisters, and He will not forsake you...”

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Australian Truckers Planning Major Strike, Advising Citizens To Stock Up In Advance

LINK: AusyTruckersSTRIKE

Hurricane Ida Shows Us That 'Lockdown' Preppers Learned Nothing From The Shortages And Supply Chain Failure


REPORT Received from Insider Contact:

DATE: August 28, 2021  


Contact: family member senior FedEX driver, Indiana

Truckers are gathering in FedEx conference centers, mandatory. Being told they will be participating in nationwide truckers strike.

Advised several large trucking companies will be joining in, some are unionized, in this Nationwide truckers strike. 

Summary: looks like they are following Australia example of a nationwide truckers strike which is happening end of month there. This could be really serious. Between the lack of supplies coming in from overseas, 2nd largest port in the world 'China' still closed, general slow down worldwide of ground movement of supplies, and now this...

Suggestion: Everyone get provisions ASAP... Not just food and meds!  End of report...




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Darrin Geisinger
August 29, 2021



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