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Cydonia – The Secret Chronicles of Mars / Tribute Edition

by David Flynn / Tribute Edition
with Forward by Stephen Quayle

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Cydonia – The Secret Chronicles of Mars

by David Flynn / Tribute Edition
with Forward by Stephen Quayle


David Flynn, like Sir Isaac Newton before him, was a “GIANT” in the understanding of the God of Creation’s infinite majesty, power and presence throughout the universe displayed. Every generation has its heaven sent “Time Keepers” to remind the world that we all have an appointed time and season of revelation and purpose to all that we see around us. It is as if the Almighty God holds specific time locks to His revelations and specific messengers tasked with bringing it forth. David Flynn is such a one.

* the great Cosmic Clock embodied in the Ouroboros, and the true meaning of this serpentine symbol

* the “gods” who ruled the planets in the ages before Adam – (Pre Adamic History) – and their return as “aliens”

* the distinctly Martian influence on human civilization from earliest times to the present

*the meaning behind the esoteric tenet “As Above, So Below”

* the Great Work of the Mystery Schools from its point of origin to the implementation by the modern alchemists of NASA

Large Format Paperback - 250 pages

Update by Original Publisher – Stephen Quayle

In the years since David Flynn’s departure from this dimensional reality on January 22, 2012, much has occurred on the Martian landscape of which he wrote. These persistent developments continued to perplex and captivate the imaginations of our earthbound human existence. From strange Morse Code like hills and bumps on the surface, to the odd and out of place features continually found throughout its desolate countryside, the so-called “red planet” has proven to be every bit as intriguing as my symbologist friend first described. Much has transpired since I published Cydonia for David back in 2002. This update will seek to bring his readers current on the ever-blossoming strangeness of a planet that is now being unmasked. Also dealt with will be the subterfuge that governments and organizations around the world use to obfuscate the truth about Mars. What is transpiring on the 4th planet is becoming less of the stuff of science fiction and moving into the realm of jaw-dropping reality. However, the inhabitants of that crimson ball appear to be trying to communicate with a human species whose leaders are unwilling to disclose the truth to an unwitting public. Yet, what those human leaders do not understand is that these creatures are not benevolent nor friendly. As we will see, Mars is not what it appears to be.

Veiled Truth

Back in 2011 NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, Jr. raised more than a few eyebrows with a seemingly off the cuff comment during an emergency preparedness pep-talk. “We here at NASA are pretty unique. We are the only government organization who is responsible for the safety and wellbeing of our people not only here on Earth, but also off this planet.” At first glance, such a comment may sound reasonable given the fact that astronauts travel to space and NASA has astronauts. However, it is what the Administrator did not say that gave many people pause. He did not say “safety and wellbeing of people not only on Earth, but also in space” or “in orbit around the Earth.” The phrase “off planet” is something that deep black programs say when referring to other planets than our own.

Thus, his comments seem to allude to the idea that there are many of “our people” off planet and not just in orbit. Could it be that this was a veiled reference to distant Earthy travelers that are currently way off planet? Perhaps.

One of the things that you will learn from David in these pages is his contention that intersolar system travel was normal at one time. In addition, with an organization like NASA who has knowingly misled the public on a host of issues regarding space, we should automatically take Mr. Bolden’s statement as suspect.

Moreover, there is evidence and testimony that leads me to believe that travel to and from Mars has not only occurred in the ancient past, but it is still going on today. As with

Old Technology, Old Lies

What does the last space flight of Gemini XII in November of 1966, the last space flight of Apollo 17 in December of 1972 and the last Space Shuttle flight of Atlantis, STS 135, in July of 2011 all have in common? Over a period of more than fifty years, each of these programs basically utilized the same type of rocket engine technology that depended on liquid propellants. Fifty years? Consider the world’s technological advancements over the last half of a century.

1) An iPhone today is more powerful than all of NASA’s computing power in 1969. That was the first year man walked on the moon.

2) In 2005 Dow Chemical introduced thin film solar photovoltaic roof shingles for everyday use on a home. Yet, important solar panels in space appear to be very fragile.

3) In 2002 a photon was successfully teleported. Teleported, not propelled.

4) Technology has managed to reduce the weight of space vehicles significantly with the use of microprocessors, liquid diodes and fiber optics. However, the last space shuttle mission in 2011 used the same large bulky vehicle of Atlantis as did the first space shuttle shot in 1981.

5) Robots and Artificial Intelligence are emerging as life altering technologies in the twenty-first century. If machines are beginning to think for themselves, why can’t we think of better ways to travel to distant planets?

These are but five modern inventions that have changed the world and should have changed spaceflight, as we know it. Yet, we are told that we can only use the same tired technology and vehicles for space exploration. Moreover, looking at the grounding of modern manned spaceflight, we seem to have lost the urge to reach for the stars – or so says NASA. Commercial efforts not withstanding, have you ever wondered why the governments of the world do not appear to be very anxious to get back to space?

Not only is their silence on space exploration unimaginable, it’s in direct contrast to mankind’s natural curiosity and drive to explore. Some would say that the reason for the curtailing of the space program is the excessive costs. However, consider that the U.S. annual budget is almost $3 trillion. NASA’s cut is less than 1% and isn’t even big enough to create even a single line on a budgetary pie chart. In addition, with a money system that has expanded exponentially through the government’s printing of money, QE infinity, this reasoning makes no sense.

There is a more plausible explanation.

What if the space program that is presented to the average American is a sham? What if we not only have the means and the will to travel to the stars – but what if we are already there? What if what David Flynn saw on Mars was only the beginning of a mystery that was being revealed? What if getting to Mars was as easy as walking out your front door?

The Truth About Space Travel

As a seven year old child in the winter of 1968, Andrew D. Basiago was drafted as a guinea pig into a DARPA program called Project Pegasus by his Special Projects Engineer father. On the pretense of a trip to the hardware store, the government contractor took his son Andy to Curtis Wright Aeronautical Company in Woodbridge, New Jersey. There he and his father stood in front of two simple pillars, a machine in a laboratory, which operated on minimal electrical power.

When the machine was turned on, something like a flat screen illuminated with squiggles of light running across it. It also had what appeared to be water running down the front of it like a fountain that, I assume, were probably waves of time oozing from this gateway.

Andy and his father jumped through the screen and found themselves in a wormhole. When they emerged, they were on the grounds of the state capital in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They had traveled almost 2,000 miles in seconds.

The successful application of this experiment using child Andy was the impetus by which he was inducted into a larger program that dealt specifically with off-world jumps. From 1969 to 1972 Basiago was one of 140 school children enlisted into this program that used Applied Quantum Physics to conduct revolutionary experiments in teleportation based on time travel. In the years following this initiation, Andy would eventually be transported to – Mars. While on planet, he saw first hand an underground settlement of humans whose numbers at that time was at least a million. Assuming that the program continues to this day, the resettlement population is probably much more significant.

Basiago says that he’s come forward to tell people the truth about the government’s space and time travel programs. Lending to his credibility, Andy has not made a dime on these revelations. While he says he has a couple books in the works, it appears that his motives are altruistic. Core to those motives is his desire to expose the world to the truth that practical time travel, and consequently space travel, was perfected by our government by 1970. And as a result, he wants people to know that we have been on Mars at least since then.

My own sources have also confirmed this with corroborating evidence and I’ve been spoken to by generals who described routine space-jumping. I also remember being 10 years old and saying that ESP mind projection was faster than the speed of light. Quantum Physics calls this Super Positioning.

What David Flynn uncovers in Cydonia alludes to a much more active universe than we are led to believe. So much for solid rocket space flight.



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