• Book: Aliens & Fallen Angels

Aliens & Fallen Angels - Book


ALIENS & FALLEN ANGELS - Offspring of the Gods - The Sexual Corruption Of The Human Race

Large Format Paperback - 266 Pages - ©1997



Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Sexual Assault
Chapter 2: Giants Walked the Earth
Chapter 3: The Other Hebrew Clues
Chapter 4: The Clues in Myths
Chapter 5: Which Angels Fell?
Chapter 6: Before the Beginning
Chapter 7: Satan’s Fall – Cosmic Warfare
Chapter 8: Preparing for Invasion
Chapter 9: Portraying the Old As New
Chapter 10: Satan’s 6th Column
Chapter 11: We Come In Peace
Chapter 12: Revelation
Epilogue: The Return

Large Format (8-1/2″ x 11″), 266 pp; Paperback – ©1997



Satan’s cloven hooves click-clacked across the glassy gold floor that reflected the aching brilliance streaming from the throne of God. Though the devil normally disguised himself, today he knew better; he continued toward the creatures blocking his way and then paused, a scowl crossing his dark, rage-filled countenance which was nearly hidden under the hood that concealed his other three faces. He glared at the angels that obstructed his path.

“Let him enter,” a voice like thunder ordered.

The archangel in front of him stepped aside and the angels behind the powerful creature parted, permitting the Devil to continue his approach toward the Most Holy’s throne.

He stopped as close as he dared go toward the blinding light, averting his eyes from the power beyond. Though it galled him to do so, Satan bowed to the Holy One and waited until he was addressed.

The thunderous voice finally broke the silence once more. “Why are you here among the Sons of God?”

“I come from going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it. I have —”

The Lord interrupted, “Have you considered my people?”

Satan suppressed a sneer. Of course, he had. But he dared not say anything to raise the wrath of the Lord. He remembered his brothers chained in eternal darkness and shuddered.

“Well?” the voice demanded, echoing through the immense chamber.

Quickly regaining his composure, Satan launched into his carefully crafted reply, “Do the redeemed fear God for nought? You have blocked my efforts with them. You have hedged them in, protecting them from my demons. But if you lift your protection, they will leave their faith.”

There was silence in the hall. Not even the normally present faint hum of Seraphim wings could be heard.

Finally the Lord spoke, “All that they have is in your power for a time; only upon their souls you shall not put forth your hand.”

The Devil bowed, suppressing the smile that nearly spread across his lined face. It was even better than he had dared to hope for. Soon he would launch his next attempt to corrupt more of humanity. And even though he knew he was doomed to punishment, he would have the satisfaction of dragging as many souls as he could to destruction with him. He might not rule over God as he had once tried to do. But he would have the satisfaction of destroying as much of creation as he could.

Once he had almost succeeded.

Perhaps this time he would.

He turned and left the brilliant presence of the Lord. He threw back the hood over his head, exposing his faces so he once again could see in all directions as he strode pass the staring faces that averted their gazes as he passed.

Soon he had reached the outskirts of heaven and once again could fly. Lifting himself on his four leathery wings, he dropped toward Earth, his dark shadow vanishing into the night below as he transformed his appearance from the scarred being he was into a beautiful angel of light.


The scene above is fictional. But we know that something very similar to that scene will soon occur — or perhaps already has taken place. Furthermore, it is possible to prove that Satan has already launched major assaults on mankind. One of these nearly successful assaults almost corrupted the Earth with the half-breed spawn of fallen angels and mankind, with only one family surviving to repopulate the Earth after God wiped out these monsters.

Much of the information about these battles to rule or destroy the universe are outlined in the Bible. As we’ll see, these can be carefully pieced together to gain basic truths and then expanded through careful and thoughtful use of other historic documents and beliefs that can be tied directly into these biblical accounts to reveal facts that have until now remained hidden (i.e., the origin of cosmic warfare, the creation of man, the failure of man and the supernatural, planned genetic destruction of the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve).

The origin of good and evil and its all-penetrating presence in the history of the world is both detailed and explained in a magnificently illustrated, historic and biblical perspective. It’s one thing to taste of the fruits of Good and Evil and another to understand the roots. All myths and religious beliefs in the world deal with the Sons of God (angels) leaving their heavenly habitation and coming to Earth to become sexually involved with the Daughters of Men.

Out of this other-worldly union arise the heroes and the great myths, stories and traditions of the ancients. Only the Bible tells the true origin and the exact basis of the conflict between the supernatural beings and the Daughters of Eden. Even the ancient historians have written at length about the “gods” coming to Earth to consort with the beautiful Daughters of men.

As one surveys the history of the world’s major religions and the belief system of the major world empires from the Babylonians to the Persians, Greeks, Romans, Hindus, Buddhists, Chinese, etc., it becomes apparent that running through all is this dark thread of perversion. From the Pantheon of Greek gods to the Roman beliefs the theme is repeated: All great heroes are the product of the sexual union of the gods with earthly women.

Only the Bible details in beautiful truth the real nature of this spiritual conflict. The God of Heaven versus the archangel Satan. As the Author and Finisher of life, only the Living God can declare the end from the beginning. The conflict, the players and the
outcome are beautifully choreographed with great detail in Aliens and Fallen Angels.

It is into this area of time and pre-time that you, the reader, are now thrust.



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