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WARNING: Store Shelves Will Never Be Replenished!

January 21st 2022

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Steve Quayle: “Seeing empty grocery shelves across the country, watching trucker strikes, and witnessing the attack on the American farmer and rancher, is evidence of one of the most insidious plans ever launched against the people of the United States. We have front-row seats to observe the systematic and organized global-genocide that Lucifer himself is orchestrating. Diabolical-depopulation is accelerating at such an obviously-evil and cruel way, that the Globalist plan for the starvation of humanity can no longer be denied. 

A basic reading of the end of the Bible, with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, is all you need to understand and know what these last days will be like. The Horsemen are as follows: Conquest, Violence of Warfare, Famine, and finally Widespread Death. Also consider the tragic story of Esau, who sold his valuable birthright, not thinking that the blessing of God as the first born was more important than missing a meal of simple ‘pottage.’ The seduction of the moment blinded Esau to the point where his true feelings towards God we're exemplified in his choices. Ladies & gentlemen, this rush to seize upon our immediate needs will be our great undoing, and those in power are going to use this weakness in order to take us all down. 

So, what will this actually look like? Clergy-response-teams will be told that if they want their congregations not to starve, they must tell their ‘flocks’ to get on the FEMA-Buses-to-Nowhere. They’ll comply, and then their congregations will be taken to camps where they’ll be promised food and warmth. I think you know what happens next. I have not the ability to explain-in-full the evil plans behind this preemptive-move by the devil himself, but his intent is to destroy, starve, and use children against their parents. 

The thought of no food available on the store shelves breaks my heart. Countless parents across the world will soon hear: ‘Mom & Dad, I'm hungry...’ and unspeakable anguish will follow when they cannot feed their children. The devil has deceived many people in history with empty promises, deception, and with evil shepherds who make ravenous wolves look like vegetarians. Science Guy’s overview of what is now upon us in the food realm, the fuel realm, and the transportation realm should motivate all of us to seek the Lord Jesus while He may be found. Many Christians have been duped into believing that the world, the government, Big-Tech, Big-Pharma, and Big-Business would provide for them better than the Living God. In this late hour, we will need the miracle-power of Jesus Christ working through us for anyone to be saved. Lucifer’s plan for depopulation is accelerating, and the extinction of the human race is at hand. It's no coincidence at the devil’s henchman, manifest by the destruction of human beings, could not be planer than it is today. Friendship with the world has blinded the eyes of far too many. Our hope cannot be in the Babylonian System but in the Lord’s Prayer, especially where it concerns our ‘daily bread.’ This reliance on the Father and His provision will become very real in the dark days ahead.

Science Guy’s PDF Report it's beyond a wake-up call, and in my opinion, is one of the most important overviews that has ever been written about reality of bringing the U.S.A. to a complete standstill. Lucifer’s plan is to steal away your life, and steal away the futures for your families, friends, & fellow brothers and sisters who are redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb. Read his PDF and get prepared for what’s coming. Take today’s PRIVATE BRIEFING as an urgent warning and a resounding alarm. Go to the Lord Jesus in prayer, leaning on His strong arm to deliver you and your loved ones from evil. ALSO – PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE support our efforts to warn Believers everywhere by signing up to keep receiving these PRIVATE BRIEFINGS after Feb. 1st. Your subscription helps us continue to research, uncover, and get the word out to as many as possible. Thank you to everyone who has supported me over all these years. You are a vital part of keeping this website and my outreach going...” SIGN UP FOR SQ PRIVATE BRIEFINGS RIGHT NOW AND SAVE $30 OFF THE SUBSCRIPTION RATE: SQ_PB_REGISTER

Experts Are Warning That Empty Shelves And Food Shortages Are Going To Continue For Many Weeks To Come


‘Our Goal Is to Shut Down the Country Until They Dissolve Parliament’: Thousands of Canadian Truckers to Strike Over Vaccine Mandates


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Posted By:
Darrin Geisinger
January 21, 2022



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