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SPECIAL REPORT: As Russia Prepares for War against the U.S. Our Own Military Self-Destructs!

November 11th 2021

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Steve Quayle: “America's military might and advantage has been destroyed by traitors within our government, as high up as the presidency. The purpose of today's PRIVATE BRIEFING is to give you a realistic assessment of Russian capabilities in relationship to U.S., and our denials that's such Russian weapons even exist. We’re posting in this BRIEFING an Exclusive Report PDF from our insider, Science Guy. He has provided an excellent overview from decades of personal experience with advanced technology that goes beyond what even four-star generals are aware of. This Report should trouble every American, every veteran, every taxpayer, and is simply terrifying in its ramifications. The failure of U.S. Intelligence is legendary, especially during these critical times. It was no exaggeration when I stated that the United States is undergoing a communist takeover. That takeover started from within, and it will end when Russia attacks American and plants its red flag firmly on our soil for good.

As for the superior Russian weapons, their hypersonic missiles should be our first focus. In minutes they can soar into our airspace and destroy any coastal city. Then there’s Russian Weather Modification and Geo-Engineering capabilities that are 16 times more powerful than the U.S. Make no mistake, Russia controls the Arctic with their floating nuclear reactor capable of generating vast amounts of energy to direct the weather of the world from a secure location. And that’s just the beginning of what Russia has to cripple this once great country.

For close to 40 years, there has been a systematic betrayal of American Defense Capabilities, starting with President Bush Senior, who according to Sam Cohen (inventor of the neutron bomb), gave the bomb blueprints to the Chinese during his presidency. Fast-forward to Bill Clinton, and the Loral Satellite Systems, and all of America's advantage in strategic missiles and ballistic missile guidance was given to the Chinese--along with our top-secret patent files. Now today, the Pentagon (more correctly known as the Pentagram), is making war on America's top fighter pilots, Navy SEALs, and the most elite troops in the U.S. military--forcing them out of service with liberal insanity and deadly vaccine mandates! 

Prior to our ‘shock-and-awe’ war in Iraq (based on WMD lies), the U.S. bribed top Iraqi generals under Saddam Hussein to soften them up prior to our attack. And now many of our own generals have been bought off by the Chinese Communists, who famously provided China aid and comfort even as President Trump was considering bombing them. Secretary of Defense Austin has single-handedly (in my opinion), destroyed the American soldier with his foolish and sinister ‘woke-agenda.’ Morals and morality within the U.S. Defense Establishment have been destroyed from within, especially when the Air Force Academy declared war on the Living God over 20 years ago. Not to be outdone, the DEMON-cratic party platform has essentially come right out and stated that they serve Lucifer, and that they hate Jesus and want to kill all Christians. Let that sink in. 

I will NOT be doing another in-depth review of Russia, and how they have surpassed the U.S. as comprehensively as the one attached here. There will be a separate PRIVATE BRIEFING on China most likely next week. So, please make this information a matter of serious prayer. I'm on record as stating that: ‘Before God allows Russia to destroy the United States in a nuclear attack, He will reveal the sins of our leaders to the people, and the people’s sins before a Holy God’--which I believe has already taken place for the world to see! All of America's former allies have now abandoned us. The prophet Jeremiah spoke numerous times about what happens when nations turn against God. They become a ‘hissing sound’ in the ears of their enemies! NATO has been talking with the European Union about the need to build their own military, and not depend upon the United States. This will be the final nail-in-the-coffin of freedom in the world.

Finally, the so-called ‘presidency’ of Joe Biden is a monstrous aberration that has become worse by the day. This theft-of-office is under the oversight of the Fallen Angels. They are directing his steps to bring about the downfall of our country, and conflict will no doubt will erupt within our shores in a matter of months, if not weeks. Between our internal Civil War and the coming International War, the film imagery of Mad Max might not be enough to describe what America will look like when the dust settles. Read Science Guy’s Special PDF Report and pray that God prepares your hearts to hear His voice and direction, as you receive His mighty protection!”

Science Guy Special Report PDF: Russian Weapons Superiority!


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Posted By:
Darrin Geisinger
November 11, 2021



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