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SPECIAL ALERT: We're Now the DIVIDED States of America!

December 6th 2021

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Steve Quayle: “When Obama was elected president, I made a statement that he would be the ‘Obama-nation that makes it desolate’ – IT being the United States. Until recently, most Bible scholars overlooked Jesus’ statements about ‘nations rising against nations,’ never realizing that He was speaking about ‘racial wars and divisions’ in the context of the end of days. ‘Kingdom against kingdom’, from Babylon forward is pretty easy to track, but it wasn’t until Obama took office that he and white-hating expositors started pushing the racial divide that literally undermined all of the progress toward racial peace and equality that we’d gained over the last 50 years. Racial tension looks to be boiling over into all-out race war. 

Moving on from the race-issue for a moment, we come to the divide over religion. Contrary to what the false-prophet-pope claims, that ‘all roads lead to heaven,’ Christianity and Islam cannot exist together. The word Chrislam is an abomination before the Living God. It should be obvious that Islamic Terrorism, and the murder of Christians worldwide, doesn't constitute anything near the false promises of Chrislam. A great tragedy, in my opinion, was when the book A Purpose Driven Church was not challenged in the pulpits of America. Its author even bragged that it was the second best-selling book in the world next to the Bible--while chuckling! The purpose of the Church is NOT to be seeker-friendly and compromise all your once-held beliefs, but to stand firm in the face of crumbling faith and persecution. Campbell McAlpine, a famous Scottish preacher, stated in one of his amazing sermons that the ‘butcher drives what he's going to slaughter, while the good shepherd leads His sheep to still waters.’ Chrislam and the lack-of-purpose Church (for the most-part), are driving Believers right to their execution. 

There has never been a case of any uprising in ancient history where the slaughter of innocents did not take place. In the 20th century alone, 100 million lives (minimum) were destroyed by Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot, and other tyrants who covered the ground with innocent blood! And now we come to today, where December’s calendar events will include halting food at the front end of the supply chain, mass-store-closing, and the very limited items available drying up before most citizens can get their hands on them.

The end result will be that tens-of-millions of people will be forced into FEMA death camps. Following that, or concurrent with it, energy and communications will be shut down, with the Internet and voice traffic BLOCKED. Any remaining patriots will not be able to connect with one another, unless they have short-wave or satellite phones. If that wasn’t enough, their new bio-weapons will be launched against an already terrified nation.

Meetings are underway now to discuss the necessary wars to bring on the arrival of the antichrist, also known as the Son of Perdition. By mid-December, mass-human sacrifice will take place as the leaders of the world pledge allegiance to their god, Lucifer. Lucifer will then call upon his various legions of Fallen Angels to personally oversee an all-out attack upon humanity. Society will unravel. Meanwhile, the controlled main-stream-accessory-to-murder-press will stoke the fires of class-war, race-war, and religious-war, as ordered by their masters -- until literally all hell explodes on Earth.

And then there’s the weather. If you think the weather has been wild the last few months, or this year, you haven't seen anything yet. Volcanoes HAVE BEEN triggered and MORE WILL BE triggered, as voluminous amounts of volcanic ash, sulfur dioxide, and glass particles are ejected into our upper atmosphere. We are all in for a very DARK WINTER, courtesy of geo-engineering and Weather War technology that goes far beyond anything we've seen to date. Buckle up, and prepare to cling to God Almighty as the these final days stretch into the time before His wrath is unleashed on those who are at war with Him. He has promised to shelter those under his wings – so stay prayed up and prepared – and do not lose heart!”

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Posted By:
Darrin Geisinger
December 6, 2021



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