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REVEALED: Extinction Protocols Presentation BREAKDOWNS!

June 1st 2021


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IF YOU HAVE NOT YET REGISTERED FOR THE EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS VIRTUAL EVENT, PLEASE READ OVER WHAT YOU COULD BE MISSING. Below are brief descriptions of what each expert will be covering in the 2-day broadcast, June 11-12th. PLEASE consider signing up to receive this critical information and warning, so that you can pass it onto others. THANK YOU for your support.

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FRIDAY, June 11th


Friday morning kicks off with Gary Heavin’s powerful EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS presentation: “Finding Truth in a Time of Deception”. Gary will unveil how the Elite overwhelm the public with massive amounts of misinformation. “If we have too information we become paralyzed”, warns Gary. DO NOT MISS this talk where Gary will describe how you can sift through the Globalist’s deceptive madness, and arrive at actionable-conclusions, for both you and your family. Gary will also delve into the media’s use of catch-phrases meant to repackage tyranny, communism, and fascism into tolerable terms that should be red-flags for everyone who is educated enough to see through their web of lies.



Mike Adams, aka the Health Ranger, calls attention yet again to our society stampeding into a post-human era. “The Globalists are trying to exterminate humanity”, says Mike, and the goal of his new EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS presentation is to reveal HOW they are going to try to kill you, and HOW you can avoid these death-traps. “Be among the survivors!” begs Mike Adams, who will give hope in this talk to anyone with ears to hear his warning, and his directions on how you can take the “road to safety” in the dark days ahead. From spraying the stratosphere with poisons, total economic collapse, and “engineered food scarcity”, register right now for EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS and catch all of Mike Adam’s information that you need to hear to avoid personal disaster.


Dr. Tenpenny busts the deception of the PLANdemic wide open with her breakdown of how the Elite’s are using this coordinated crisis in order to bring about their new society of control. She will detail the “Myths of the Masks”, “Social Distancing”, and even how they’re spying on us (rebadged “Contact Tracing”), keeping tabs on anyone they wanted to quarantine or sequester. Sherri goes into specifics about what is in the new vaccine (which includes genetic modification technology!), and why you should avoid it at all costs. “What the shot did, is the biggest scam ever”, warns Sherri in this critical EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS presentation. The new vaccine is essentially a modern version of: “show me your papers please...” says Dr. Tenpenny. DON’T MISS her talk or miss out on how you can fight against their fear and maintain your freedom and pure humanity.


Get out your notebooks! Mr. Von Greyerz will shed a bright light on how our economic collapse started fifty years ago and is culminating today. Egon will describe in his EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS presentation how gold, and precious metals, will eventually skyrocket as hyper-inflation takes hold. 20 QUADRILLION in world-wide debt is about to plunge our civilization into monetary chaos! Egon will convey vital information in this exclusive talk, including: How you can preserve your wealth, where to keep your money SAFE, and how NOT to sit and “Wait for the storm to pass”, but learn to “dance in the rain” right now, and have financial freedom while everything falls apart around you. Do not miss out on this virtual event, happening this June 11-12th!


Lisa Haven will wake you right up, both physically and mentally, with this energetic EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS presentation. Lisa’s top-level research dives into the “nitty-gritty” of what’s really going on behind the scenes. “We’re heading 90 miles an hour” in the direction of the book of Revelation, says Lisa, who exposes how the Elites went from labeling conservatives as “Deplorables”, then “Racists and Xenophobics”, and now even moving onto calling us “White Supremacists and Domestic Terrorists”! Lisa will deliver hard evidence in this exclusive talk that shows how the government and your “elected” officials have taken us to the edge of disaster, and now are ready to push us over. How does the mainstream media, social media, education, the military, and banking all work together to seize control of citizens? Lisa Haven will take you on a “wild ride” that you NEED TO HEAR in order to be informed and weather the approaching calamity.


Finish up an amazing broadcast-Friday with Pastor Paul Begley who reveals who the “10 Kings from Revelation” are, and why you need to know RIGHT NOW to protect everything you hold dear. The Elites aim is to “limit the population to a manageable level”, says Pastor Begley in this exclusive EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS presentation. Are individual states, in our once great union, about to go rogue and demand their freedom from the U.S.A.? How do the Globalist plan to turn people away from God and over to the anti-christ? Find out in Paul’s talk this June 11th during the GenSix Productions virtual, streaming event.

SATURDAY, June 12th


What is the Globalist’s “End-Game” for us? TERMINATION. But just how are they plotting this destruction? Dave Hodges provides his expert analysis on depopulation, the China-Connection, the U.N., promotion of infertility, Ebola, and the “theft of our elections and culture”. Scary stuff, yes, but Dave also gives specific solutions that you will want to write down and keep at-the-ready as the Elites unfold their sinister and “psychological” plan to enslave all of America. “They have tricked us into giving up our constitutional liberties”, says Dave, as he exposes how the “normalcy bias” has lulled us to sleep while Grinch that stole freedom snuck into our country, in the middle of the night, to undo everything that made our country great.



Do you have eyes to see, and ears to hear, “what is actually going in?” Then DO NOT MISS OUT on this insightful and invigorating talk by Christian Westbrook, aka the Ice Age Farmer, who will expose the “Satanic and Technocratic” agenda that is meant to render us too weak to fight against them. It was predicted that agriculture would only be a “rich man’s hobby”, all the way back in 1929. People would be eventually divorced from the production of food in order that they might be controlled entirely. Christian, in this exclusive EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS presentation, uncovers why the Elites seem to be in such a hurry lately to roll out their agenda—and you’ll be SHOCKED by what he says. The Globalists plan to “Reset the Table” and not only choose what is produced for consumption, but choose what we can, and cannot eat. “This Fourth Industrial Revolution is the Beast System”, a perfect layer of digital data, where a lurking, satanic presence will enter and capture our world. Register today and be warned, and to hear Christian Westbrook and ten other speakers this June 11-12th!


Coming before you to “Sound the Alarm”, Catherine Austin Fitts declares that we are in a war, and the “goal of that war is tyranny”, including the “end of all human liberty”. Catherine shows how this war is playing out in the visible and invisible, and she will beckon us all to take action right now or else be forced into “mandated injections” and “vaccination passports”. “A financial coup d'état” has taken place, says Catherine, as she warns just what steps need to be taken in order to survive the coming MELTDOWN about the sweep the world. If you’re often informed about threats but not often given hope or information on what to do about it, look no further than this EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS talk by Catherine Austin Fitts.



If you saw Daniel’s presentation in FINAL WARNING, prepare to be even more blown away by this EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS breakdown of today’s events. “Man’s Pursuit of God-Status: The Technological Hubris of the End Times Generation” is Daniel Holding’s outstanding title, and his talk is chalked full of warnings and insight found nowhere else. “There is a technological assault on humanity”, says Daniel, as he shows how we’re living in an era of technological arrogance. If you’re at all concerned about what is happening in the world around you, you owe it to yourself to tune into Daniel’s presentation June 12th. Register right now at www.GenSix.com




“The headlines of today are determining the damnation of our tomorrow”, said in this presentation as only Steve Quayle can say it. “The Return of the Fallen Angels and Their Grand Deception” is Steve’s title, and in it he describes how “Genetic Hybrids” will soon be introducing themselves to mankind, as “aliens and our saviors”. Steve Quayle is crying out to anyone who will listen to get ready for the greatest deception ever to be thrust on mankind. In his EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS talk, Steve describes how he and GenSix Productions have uncovered an ancient language that appears to be that of the Fallen Ones, the fallen angels described in the bible. You will see artifacts, shown here for the first time anywhere, depicting an Aztec-Alien connection with jaw-dropping clarity. You simply CANNOT MISS this exclusive presentation where Steve Quayle rails against vaccinations, deceptions, and destructions. Tune in and be warned and informed by the man who started the prepper-movement!

REGISTER NOW: www.GenSix.com 

Posted By:
Darrin Geisinger
June 1, 2021

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