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To all my Q Files Subscribers, I want to start out with an immediate THANK YOU for your constant intercession and prayers since I came down with CV-19 and pneumonia 21 days ago. I knew I was in serious trouble the minute I hit the emergency room and the CRP levels on my blood-test registered well over 400! Within five minutes, prayers worldwide were going up on my behalf. How that happened God only knows. Having lived through this experience while so many have tragically perished, I can truly say that I still feel a strong purpose to watch over your souls, equip you, and encourage you with that what God has commissioned me. I want to thank Doug Hagman, Gary Haven, Mike Adams, and Daniel Holdings for stepping up and hosting sessions for me without hesitation. I’ve been surrounded by the tremendous faith of those I have come to call my family. And my heart and sincere sorrow goes out to the family of Russ Dizdar today. We’ve lost a true asset in the battle against evil. Russ, you will be sorely missed.

There were multiple times during the first week where no one could have convinced me it was not my time to go. Yet, John, Linda, Susan York (and her entire House of Prayer), and Romy covered my every breath with praise to the Living God, along with my trusted insider Science Guy calling out for prayer amongst persecuted Christians. And a very special thanks goes out to Julia B, whose husband was sicker than anyone I’d heard about so far, yet her stalwart faith in Jesus encouraged my wife (and my amazing caregiver!) that there was light at the end of the tunnel. When I asked the Lord: “Why didn't you take me?” He said it was because of my prayer for His people, that they would have life-changing personal encounters with Him, and because of my speaking into their lives about Jesus. I was humbled and grateful to hear His response. To all who prayed and still are praying for my restoration, I pray that God multiplies it back to you 1000-fold in your lives! I could not jump into the critical topic-at-hand before addressing all those that prayed for me and my family. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you.


The title for today’s PRIVATE BRIEFING says it all. Putin is a mastermind, and we’re in deep trouble. Our enemies are about to triumph over us. Here is a simple question we all need to ask ourselves: What happens when no one in the world will accept the exchange of U.S. dollars for oil, for food, for technology, or for any single item or service??? The answer is: A TOTAL COLLAPSE OF THE (former) AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE. When Jesus stated that there ‘will never be a time like it,’ meaning the coming turmoil and calamities, how many Bible-Believing Christians honestly thought that the United States would play a key-role in the total take down and take over of our once great nation, and perhaps the world? The war upon the U.S. military --from within the treacherous halls of our own Pentagon-- must be unique in world history. We’re literally betraying ourselves and all that we’ve held dear.

People are believing the LIES with no open challenge to their ‘fake science.’ This senile president, or the entity pretending to be so, represents the Kingdom of Darkness. Probably the most interesting issue given my writings on transhumanism and a genetic Armageddon that results in human extinction, are all the red-flags of unusual lifeforms being found in the vaccines. See link below that details this high-strangeness better than I can describe here.

On top of that, there appears to be severe mental deterioration that comes along with these bio-weapons, a key component in their human-race-destroying-poisons from hell. Too many are wasting their time by arguing with the mass-media-vomit-brokers, and their so-called scholars, as they watch humanity wiped out before their eyes. And too many people are playing religious games while denying the drastic nature of the times we live in, even to the point of giving way to seducing spirits and the doctrines of devils. The wolves in the ‘worlds kitchens’ are serving up the people of God without any resistance. I urge you to read Science Guy’s PDF of the ‘Russian Situation’ over a few times, very carefully, and take it to the Living God in prayer. After reading it myself, and considering the ramifications, I can’t come up with any other conclusion than this: We are in the final stages of the annihilation of the human race. Stay vigilant, brave, bold, and steadfast as the days grow darker...”



BREAKING!! Russia to Suspend Diplomatic Ties with NATO



Steve Quayle

Unstoppable Self Replicating "HYDRA" Is In the the You-Know-What!




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Steve Quayle: “Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like the sane people of the world, of which there are still a few left, are beginning to stand up to our insane overlords over mandated kill-shots and unjust firings. You’ve no doubt heard by now that Southwest Airlines cancelled more than a 1,000 flights due to staffing issues, certainly not due to the weather which was fair at the time. Too many Southwest workers must have walked away rather than bend their knee to murderous dictators, forcing the flight cancellations. And as Mike Adams with Natural News is reporting in the top link below, they’ve begun blatantly killing patients in hospitals – no doubt to collect some kind of satanic COVID reimbursement for every PLANdemic case they can conjure up.

The result of these heinous actions, just like in the airline industry, are that more and more doctors and nurses are abandoning their jobs in protest, leaving ailing people in the hands of a very few devious and unqualified individuals. I will not give health-advice, but I will say that a hospital may be the last place you should go if you want to get well right now.

And Boeing is demanding that its 125,000 employees take the kill-shot or be fired. If the tens of thousands of Boeing employees retain their good senses, they will quit just like all the doctors and nurses. So, with Boeing’s strict maintenance schedules, how soon before they’re short on parts for Boeing planes world-wide? Don’t trust the mainstream media vomit-brokers to keep you informed on what is safe and what isn’t. Several jumbo-jets could crash to the ground right now and they would either cover it up, or spin it as the fault of violent, anti-vaxxers (beware: false-flag operations are coming). In fact, it’s widely rumored that a Delta pilot already died in-flight because of his recent JAB, see story link below. Between the lack of pilots, lack of maintenance staff, and lack of plane parts – just how long before it’s no longer safe to fly? And how does that translate to other industries where safety and expertise are paramount? It’s hard to fathom the chaos that is about to be unleashed as things fall apart -- and more and more reliable folks run for the hills instead of remain with employers who have betrayed them.


Our society is crumbling and this no doubt is part of their plan. You cannot have these kinds of negative, disastrous results without it being on purpose. I don’t read much fiction, but in Darrin Geisinger’s book series Zero-Gs, the whole premise of the story begins after a 10-year global economic MELTDOWN where literally everything has been melted to nothing in order to bring on the New World Order. Their great Phoenix rises uncontested, when it takes flight in an atmosphere of desperate and hungry citizens, that accept the totalitarian government of the anti-christ and the coming alien-deception because death is their only alternative (www.DarrinGeisinger.com). He describes a string of events that sound frighteningly like what we’re seeing unfold before our very eyes.

Which brings us to the ‘Final Battle of Humanity’ mentioned in the headline of this PRIVATE BRIEFING. If what they want is the total MELTDOWN of our current society, they aim to get it one way or another, but we will not go quietly to their gas-chambers, or to their FREE vaxx-stations at BOX-Mart, without a fight. The time for standing by and watching has come to an end. If you have not yet made a public protest of some kind, or prepared for the coming storm by storing up vast amounts of supplies, or walked off your job, or pulled your kids from public schools, or marched shouting at the top of your lungs – you need to do so now, AND please tell all your friends and family to do the same. We’ve been backed up to the edge of the cliff and we cannot lose any more ground or we will fall to our deaths. Make your stand FIRST in the mighty arms of the Father, who has promised to protect and keep those that follow and obey Him. Put your faith and trust in God Almighty as the Goliath of Big GOV, Big PHARMA, and Big (and corrupt) BUSINESSES bellow and threaten your loved ones in the final showdown that lies before us. We will be triumphant in HIM, and we already know that He will have the ultimate victory! PRAY. PREPARE. AND PROTEST – any way you can...”

NATURAL NEWS: Hospitals Are Literally SUFFOCATING Patients With Plastic Bags!


"Under the barbaric practices of covid “treatment,” today’s hospitals and medical centers have become murder factories that systematically murdered tens of thousands of Americans with ventilators.UMP HAS FALLEN ANOTHER 3 INCHES IN THE LAST 18 HOURS!"

Natural News

A Comparison of Official Government Reports Suggest the Fully Vaccinated are Developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome


Science Guy




Dr. Franc Zalewski: THE THING ! Another 'LIFE FORM' In The COVID VAX VIALS




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Steve Quayle: “First, I’d like to thank everyone who reached out with concern over my health, and to thank all of you who lifted me up in prayer. Your outpouring of support has encouraged me greatly during this trying time. THANK YOU. Though I’m beginning to feel better, I come to you today in this PRIVATE BRIEFING with a very heavy heart. The Earth has split open and God’s Fiery Wrath is pouring out of the Cumbre Vieja Volcano on Spain’s La Palma Island, and this event will end up being much more devastating than you're being led to believe. 

Lava from a volcano reaches the sea on the Canary island of La Palma, Spain

The explosions now underway there will change the entire structure of the East Coast. YES, OUR EAST COAST. This geological disaster will not only alter our coast and our weather, it will prove to be the largest and most devasting volcanic explosion of the last hundred-plus years! It's astonishing to me that that no one seems to care much -or give a darn- that something is happening now that has the potential to change the United States and Europe forever. The planes we’d planned to send to help with the evacuation are not able to operate because of the shard-glass and poison-gas clouds that continue to spew into the atmosphere. To make matters worse, the large chunks of volcanic pumice now launching into the air are making a deadly situation for any jet engines trying to come close. So, why are the mass-media, vomit-brokers avoiding the REAL facts and story behind this massive eruption? Same as always: DECEPTION, and their worry that any focus on it will distract you from the COVID-FEAR that they have worked so hard to instill on the whole of humanity.

People wait to board a ferry to Tenerife at the port of Santa Cruz de la Palma on Saturday following the eruptions Rivers of red lava continue to pour from Cumbre Vieja volcano

We’re including another Special PDF Report from Science Guy, who has been working overtime to help provide you with the inside information on what’s really happening over there. Read it over carefully and take your concerns to God Almighty in prayer. Be watchful, faithful and vigilant as world events unravel even further than they already have. I will continue to send out these BRIEFINGS as God gives me the strength, and I ask each and every one of you reading these words to not lose heart, but remain strong in the Lord...”

SCIENCE GUY SPECIAL REPORT PDF: The La Palma Geological Disaster!


Blocks of Red-Hot Molten Lava as Big as Three-Story Buildings Roll Down Hillside and Tremors Shake the Ground as La Palma Volcano Begins to Collapse in on Itself

LINK: 3StoryChunks_OfLAVA


Science Guy

La Palma Island’s Volcano Roars Again, Spewing Thicker Lava




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Darrin Geisinger: “Steve contacted me again today and said that the world is quickly plummeting into financial ruin. He wanted to send out this additional PRIVATE BRIEFING as a warning to all of his Q Files Subscribers so you know what’s really going on behind the money-curtain. Inflation, massive loss of GDP, no one wanting to work, printing and spending endlessly out of thin air, all means that we’re headed for a collapse unlike anything ever witnessed by mankind. We've included another Special PDF REPORT from Science Guy for a complete overview of the disaster facing world markets. Remain in vigilant prayer and prepare for what’s coming -- and above all DO NOT LOSE HOPE...”



World Food Prices Hit 10-Year Peak!

LINK: Food_Prices_SOAR

Sharing Real Facts Within a Surreal Financial System


Gold Climbs On Disappointing Jobs Report


‘Never have I seen anything like this’: Staffing shortages cancel over 140 ferry sailings on Friday



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Darrin Geisinger: “Steve is recovering nicely and will no doubt be back to writing commentary and making videos soon -- but he wanted to get this urgent PRIVATE BRIEFING out to you today as there may not be time to wait. An American submarine struck an ‘unknown’ object as rising tensions between China, Taiwan and the U.S. escalate out of control. It’s incidents like these that make history, and wars. We’ve included a special in-depth PDF report from Science Guy on the entire situation, where conflict seems inevitable! Keep Steve and the whole Quayle Family in your prayers, and pray for the situation with China, that God Himself keeps and protects you through whatever storms may arise...”



11 Sailors Injured as US Attack Submarine Collides with an 'Unknown Object' in the South China Sea Amid Rising Tensions with Taiwan



Science Guy

Hal Turner: WAR WITH CHINA BEGINS? Attack Submarine USS Connecticut Suffers "Underwater Collision" in Pacific

LINK: HalTurner_SUB_Report

One Of The Navy's Prized Seawolf Class Submarines Has Suffered An Underwater Collision

LINK: Updated_SUB_Report



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Darrin Geisinger: "While Steve Quayle regains his health and comes back to full strength, I’d like to encourage everyone receiving this PRIVATE BRIEFING to watch this short video from Tucker Carlson (top Video Link below). By now, I would have thought I’d be immune to this level of shock and disgust, but seeing the freedoms we once enjoyed melt away has brought me a new wave of anger and resentment. This level of diabolical, purposeful destruction conjures to mind the Georgia Guidestones. You know, those monoliths in Georgia, the ones that spell out in carved stone the Elite’s desire to reduce the Earth’s population to just 500 million?

How do they plan to achieve this massive reduction in the number of people walking around? Well, their method is strewn throughout Tucker’s video, but let me connect the dots: Increase the sick and the unemployed while firing more and more healthcare workers, all while printing enough (soon to be worthless) paper money to bankrupt this country (and the world), and all the company’s therein, into total submission and oblivion. In Tucker’s video, a Senator states that Christians are weaponizing religion and politics, and she clearly sounds like she wants anyone objecting to the New World Order to be silenced immediately. The Mayor of New York added that those who might initially refuse the JAB will soon be sounding differently when they lose their paycheck and ultimately their job. These threats are culminating in MASS FIRINGS, from the airlines to hospital systems. No company wants to protect the unvaxxed and get fined millions of dollars – or basically fined into bankruptcy.

With all the hospitals firing their workers, who will take care of the sick during this PLANdemic? First, they say that our military will be called into action, and then temporary workers from the Philippines will be brought in to take our American jobs. Really? You can’t make this stuff up. It’s a bad script to a horror movie with no ending.

Tucker also brings up: “Why exactly are trained, educated healthcare workers REFUSING these vaccines?” Good question, right? I think we already know the answer to this. It may take years to uncover what these dreaded JABS are doing to the human genome and long-term health, and even then, the eventual deaths will be labeled as conspiratorial nonsense. But I CAN answer why so many trained healthcare workers (not to mention sane American citizens) are refusing a ‘medicine’ offered by those in favor of mass-depopulation. Oh wait, I just did.

In what sounds like bad comedy, the New York Times just featured an article entitled: ‘1 Trillion Isn’t As Much As It Sounds.’ This article refers to our government’s current spending bill of 3.5 TRILLION dollars, the bill that contains the clause to fine every company harboring an unvaxxed worker $700,000 to make sure all the peasants comply. Maybe they really do think a trillion dollars isn’t that much, and maybe they don’t think 7 billion Earthlings is that many (to get rid of) either. Their value on human life is reflected in favoring abortions no matter when in the pregnancy-timeline the baby may find itself, and also in the recent fining of a factory in West Virginia. This manufacturing facility was fined just $12,000 for a worker being KILLED there, while in stark contrast, companies with just one unvaxxed worker will be penalized $700,000. On the surface this appears to be pure insanity, and you’d be right to label it that. The explanation comes when you realize it’s AGENDA FIRST – over human life and individual freedom – no matter what.

The anger and resentment I mentioned at the beginning of this BRIEFING is starting to catch on, and more and more people are waking up to the fact that the Globalist’s evil plan isn’t going to go away without a fight. I even have one close friend who believes that no matter how dark it all looks, it’s darkest just before the dawn – and that 'Trump is still in control' and the ‘swamp will soon be drained.’ He says that a ‘New Awakening’ is about to take place where humanity comes to its senses. We will soon be reclaiming our right to pursue happiness, we’ll overthrow these socialist-tyrants, and then enjoy 50 years of renewed peace and prosperity. Boy, I sure hope he’s right...”

TUCKER CARLSON: The Left Has Weaponized Public Health


New York Times: $1 Trillion Isn’t as Much as It Sounds


27 Bizarre facts About The Georgia Guidestones




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"If that nation, against whom I have pronounced, turn from their evil, I will repent of the evil that I thought to do unto them. And at what instant I shall speak concerning a nation, and concerning a kingdom, to build and to plant it; If it do evil in my sight, that it obey not my voice, then I will repent of the good, wherewith I said I would benefit them. Now therefore go to, speak to the men of Judah, and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, saying, Thus saith the Lord; Behold, I frame evil against you, and devise a device against you: return ye now every one from his evil way, and make your ways and your doings good. And they said, There is no hope: but we will walk after our own devices, and we will every one do the imagination of his evil heart."

Jeremiah 18: 8-12

Probably one of the most difficult issues to express to the United States of America, especially the Christian Church therein, is that when nations that were once blessed by the Living God turn away from Him and embrace every form of evil known to man, God will judge that nation severely. Recently, it came to my attention that someone I called a ‘friend’ questioned my loyalty to the USA. I want to state for the record that I love my country, but I DO NOT love what it has become. After having walked with Jesus for over five decades, and watched His Church DE-volve into apathy and blatant neglect, many who call themselves Christians in this nation will not even mention that over 100 million children are aborted within our borders. How can a country, one that I’m supposed to pledge my loyalty to, turn such a blind eye to this kind of mass-murder?

Throughout history, children have been sacrificed, child-trafficked, and abused in every form of perversion that can be imagined. Sodom and Gomorrah, Tyre and Sidon, the Roman Empire, and now America (and many more), have their hands covered in innocent blood. God is very clear in His word who will receive His blessings. His blessing fall to the nation that honors Him, observing just weights and measures, along with administering just and righteous laws and protecting the innocent. Probably the most naïve and ignorant statement that I encounter is: ‘Why would God judge America?’ Many surveys and polls have been taken asking Christians what they believe, and for decades now, firm Christian beliefs have been on the sharp decline (LINK to Survey: Majority of American Christians Don’t Believe the Gospel). This should break everyone's heart. Instead of a holiday season, we now have a ‘Season of Treason,’ as America's enemies wait patiently within our borders, and in the oceans off our coast, to attack us at an opportune time. Will a Holy God continue to bless America while we rot from within? Or allow our kids to be trafficked and used? We see the evidence of curses everywhere we turn, not blessings. These are His loving warnings to those that were once His to turn back to Him. But we’re not. Instead, we have been stiff-necked, and things are only getting worse. God’s righteous judgement has come upon this land.

For a quarter of a century, I've been involved with some very interesting people who love the United States and who are trying to make a difference. I’ve been fortunate to assist them in their efforts, with some of the projects so outrageous and covert, it would make them hard to believe for even my faithful listeners. The multi-dimensional warfare that I have immersed myself in is difficult to describe, and sometimes to endure. So, it hurts when so-called friends question my love of the U.S.A., because I’ve gone through great pains and trials trying to fight against the dark shadow of evil descending across this country. We’ve become a murderous nation, exiling our elderly into nursing homes where the exposure and risk of CV-19 is overly high, nearly guaranteeing their premature deaths, and then there's the millions of aborted or trafficked children happening every day. If Able’s righteous blood called out to the Living God from the ground, what does the innocent blood of millions sound like in His ears right now? He created us in His image and likeness, and loves each and every one of us. There's no way for our human minds to comprehend His daily sorrows at what we’ve become!

The pillars of the United States of America no longer exist: freedom, liberty, and justice for all have perished from this former great land. It should also be noted that in the book of Revelation (which is the revelation of Jesus Christ), states that mystery Babylon is judged for its sorceries -- which from the Greek literally means pharmaceuticals! If I thought it would do any good, I would challenge my friend to an on-air debate on why no other nation in history can fit the biblical definition of mystery Babylon, except America. I will be including links to Richard Coombe’s America the Babylon, which by the way, will cause you to ponder where the United States is in biblical history. Brothers and sisters, we must pray that God will raise up miraculous ministries to confront the supernatural evil of the Satan’s minions. The devil’s henchmen, the Global Elite, have one goal in mind: the destruction of every man, woman, and child in the world except for them! Stay alert and stay in your faith. Endure to the end and you will be saved…”

Wisdom resteth in the heart of him that hath understanding: but that which is in the midst of fools is made known. Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people. The king's favour is toward a wise servant: but his wrath is against him that causeth shame.

Proverbs 14: 33-35


Changes in Worldview Among Christians over the Past 13 Years


AMERICA THE BABYLON by R. A. Coombes - Special PDF


Declining Christianity Leads to Dramatic US Religious Realignment




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Steve Quayle: "My brothers & sisters in the U.S.A., what is happening in Australia right now is mind-boggling, and should be DEEPLY concerning to all of us in this once great nation. The New World Order is NOT even trying to hide what it’s doing there. Australia is supposed to be a ‘First World Country,’ but the dark shadow of evil that is engulfing the Land Down Under is defying that definition. A First World Country is normally recognized as: ‘a developed and industrialized country characterized by political and economic stability, democracy, the rule of law, a capitalist economy, and a high standard of living,’ however DEMOCRACY and STABILITY are absent there as a tyrannical lockdown continues to steal the freedoms of Australian citizens in what can only be described as the beginning of tribulations. ‘First World’ was once thought of as freedom-minded, and above the meddling of vicious dictators that would undermine the ‘pursuit of happiness’ by a individuals.

Australians are supposed to be just like we Americans, only with cooler accents. So, if their once-free-nation has fallen into technocracy, how much longer before our own Constitution is thrown out the window in favor a scientific-dictatorship where Believers are literally outlawed to make way for their new utopia? The truth is, not much longer.

Victoria police clash with protesters during a Rally for Freedom in Melbourne, Australia, Saturday, Sept. 18, 2021

I do not agree with David Icke on a host of issues, but he has been a clear and resounding voice on the authoritarian take-over that is rapidly spreading across the world. In the top link below, Icke’s article points out that newspapers such as the Sydney Morning Herald have featured articles with headlines like ‘Australia’s COVID-19 inquiry presents a roadmap for a new world order’ – as if that was somehow a good thing! Please read that article over in its entirety and picture just what that would look like happening on your block, or suburban street, or even in your rural country hideout. Australia has passed laws for ‘data disruption warrants’ which allow authorities to ‘disrupt your data’ by deleting or modifying it as they see fit and ‘account takeover warrants’ that let their agencies take control of an online accounts such as a social media for their own investigations – and there are provisions that all these intrusive activities can be done without a warrant! Essentially, the social media police are soon going to evolve into actual battering rams busting down your doors to arrest you for opinions they do not agree with, as they already have in Australia.

Bottom line is this: The Covid 19 SCAM has provided the Global Elites with the excuse they need to launch and establish their totalitarian control over the human species. Globally, humanity has been weakened, softened up, and made unhealthy by the Vomit-Media and Corrupt Big Business, who have been working in concert to make a race of yes-men couch potatoes that would rather have authoritarian control thrust upon them, than give up their video games, fast food, and life of convenience (watch the movie The Matrix as a refresher for what being a simple ‘battery’ in their social construct looks like). 

The American Patriot is staring at an approaching steamroller headed our way. So, what are we going to do about it? If we do not mount a significant resistance, and very soon, it will be too late. And by the look of things happening around us, we may have already passed the Rubicon. Has the speeding car of the U.S.A. already gone over the guardrail, in a free-fall of no return? The New World Order is about to make its push in American and test the mettle of its citizens. Will you be among the resistors? If so, we all must trust in God Almighty as we face a force that will stop at nothing to achieve their take-down of individuality in favor of a Matrix of Control. Remain in the Word and in diligent prayer for guidance as the headlines of Australia become those of your home town. Hear me when I say this: if you give in and go into their interment camps, YOU WILL NEVER GET OUT...”

Australian Officials AGAIN Announce a New World Order

LINK: NewWorld_DownUnder

Australia's COVID-19 Inquiry Presents a Roadmap for a New World Order

LINK: MapToNewWorld

Australian Police Clash with Anti-lockdown Protesters, Arrest 270

LINK: AustralianRIOTS

‘Literally a war’: Australia state goes into COVID lockdown

LINK: LiterallyWAR

Australian Troops Will Help Enforce A Coronavirus Lockdown In Sydney



Story begins in the aftermath of a 10-year economic 'Meltdown.' The Phoenix of a New Age rises to power behind an 'Alien Deception,' taking flight as world-wide, socialistic control. Can our heroes resist tyranny and see through the 'lying signs and wonders' to keep their faith and overcome? Use Promo Code ZG30 to get BOTH books at 30% OFF ONLY IN SEPTEMBER: BookINFO

REVIEW: "The action, characters and tech feel like they are just over the horizon. The pace was consuming. The adversary is real and therefore one roots for the protagonists. I am awaiting with great anticipation further adventures in the follow up books." Ron Trueblood

LINK: 30%OFF_BooksHere



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“Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.”

United States Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen

Steve Quayle: "In April of 1997, our Secretary of Defense William Cohen made the statement above about 'climate terror.' He said it at a conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction and U.S. Strategy in his official capacity, so this can be taken as an official position of the United States. He used the word 'are,' not 'could,' 'might' or 'maybe sometime in the future.' And he added: 'It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our efforts.' If the United States Secretary of Defense says that the Earth and the sky have been turned into weapons, and are being used as such in present time, I believe we should take this statement very seriously.

Ladies and Gentleman, I will be letting the links we’ve provided today, as well as Science Guy’s Special Insider PDF Report, speak for themselves as to the lateness of the hour. It is absolutely critical that you stay in the Word of God -- and stay on your knees in prayer -- during the days and weeks ahead. The Earth is ‘wobbling like a drunkard’, signaling that we do not have much time left. Know and recognize the times that God Almighty Himself has long warned us about, and take courage knowing He will never leave us nor forsake us!”



LA PALMA UPDATE: Lava Expected to Reach the Sea Tonight Causing ‘Acid Rain’



New Eruption Point in the Side of the Volcano in Tacande


'Could Last Weeks' - 5,000 Evacuated As Canary Islands Volcano Eruption Worsens

LINK: CouldLastWeeks 

La Palma Situation Awareness - YouTube


12 Facts About The 1815 Eruption Of Tambora That Will Blow Your Mind!



Volcanoes also release mind-boggling quantities of energy, though usually not quite on the scale of hurricanes (thankfully for those who live near!). But if we look at a well-known major volcanic eruption, the eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980, we find that: "In all, Mount St. Helens released 24 megatons of thermal energy, 7 of which was a direct result of the blast. This is equivalent to 1,600 times the size of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima" (U.S. Geological Survey).

But Mount St. Helens wasn't even at the top of the scale of Volcanic Explosivity Index. It was a class 5, and the scale goes up all the way to 8, which are called "mega-colossal" eruptions. These class 8 super-volcanos erupt extremely rarely (otherwise we wouldn't be here), but when they do, more than 1,000 cubic kilometers of rock and ash are ejected, the climate of the whole planet is affected for extended periods of time, and mass-extinctions can be expected. Now that is powerful! To get anywhere close to that kind of energy release, the U.S. and Russia would have to use their entire nuclear arsenalssimultaneously, and even that might not be enough to compare depending on how long the volcanic eruption lasts.



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Steve Quayle: "In all the countless times that I’ve written a commentary or delivered a podcast, these have to be the saddest headlines I have EVER forced my eyes upon. Even today, Justice Clarence Thomas of the Supreme Court stated that the Judicial Branch has become the most dangerous part of our government (in our former great country)! Let his words sink in. There is no longer a trustworthy ‘rule of law’ that we citizens can rely on. We are truly sinking into a time of misery and unspeakable iniquity. Freedom and liberty hang on the principle of Equal Justice Under the Law, our Constitutional Guarantees, and the Bill of Rights, all of which have been destroyed before our eyes. It is even rumored that the traitor, the Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley, is headed to Russia for secret talks and that the headlines concerning his trip have been sanitized! What's even more heartbreaking about Milley turning against his own country is the fact that even Red-State Governors are NOT standing up and calling for his resignation, or for the Secretary of Defense to step down, who was aware of Milley’s treasonous actions.

"...the high court has become the 'most dangerous branch' of government."

Justice Clarence Thomas

You have all heard by now that the senile entity, the one who stole and commandeered the White House, is ready to USE FORCE against Americans in red-states! The definition of ‘to commandeer’ is to take possession of something that you are not entitled to, or to ‘steal without authority,’ and that’s exactly what the actor or clone playing Joe Biden has done. What causes me great reflection is how the Republic-rats, who are supposed to represent the conservative God-fearing members of this nation, have allowed open warfare against the Living God, Jesus Christ, and His followers. The Republic-rats, the other wing of a corrupt bird, have not pushed back against those who’ve planned the slaughter of over 100-million of us. We no longer have a voice or representation in this failed and deeply treasonous government.  

Over the years of being a broadcaster and podcaster, I have quoted the scripture hundreds of times that ‘if the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?’ But still, people think that there IS a political solution to a spiritual problem, against those who are even now declaring that Christians, Constitutionalists, and anyone who does not go along with the Globalists, must be destroyed. Newspapers, liberal magazine blogs, and the main stream vomit-brokers are all accessories to our murder-media. What is mind blowing is that people claiming Christianity as their faith are still buying that the main stream narrative (more like propaganda) somehow supersedes God's Holy Word. If I were to poll those claiming to be Christians and ask them if they believe that we're in the End-of-the-Age as defined in the scriptures (which clearly states that the result of prophecy will be the extinction of 2/3s of the human race), what percentage would believe that God detailed the near future for us ahead of time? Brothers and sisters, not only do the common sheeple fail to understand the Extinction Protocols initiated by the Luciferian Blood-sacrificing, Political Figures holding office in our land, they continue to be friends with the very Babylonian World-system which is conjuring into existence the rule and reign of the antichrist on Earth. Putting your trust in politics, the main-stream vomit-media, and believing the headlines (LIES) they keep shoveling out is literally FRIENDSHIP with Satan and his minions. 

David Spangler of the United Nations said in 1978 that ‘No one will enter into the New World Order without a Luciferian initiation and paying allegiance to Lucifer.’ In later speeches he alluded that all Christians must be destroyed to make way for this New Order. Ladies & gentlemen, it is now time to draw our line in the sand. Do not be seduced into a web of deceit, but rather be wise and understanding in these latter-days. Sun Tzu, the author of The Art of War, stated that the ‘Wiseman chooses the day of his battle, and is not drawn into the one devised by his enemy.’ For a time, our only recourse was to participate in peaceful protests countrywide, in every town and city in America, to peacefully identify all those who were seeking to destroy our country and have faith in the system that they would be brought to justice. More and more of these demonstrations happened worldwide, but the vomit-brokers refused to show the demonstrations because they were terrified of an orchestrated and organized movement of citizens who would stand together instead of fighting against each other. 

"No one will enter into the New World Order without a Luciferian initiation and paying allegiance to Lucifer."

David Spangler, United Nations

But alas, open treason is now dominating this nation. The enemies within our country are conducting secret meetings, making shady phone calls and payoffs to many of our top military officers and cabinet heads. I regret to say that I think the effectiveness of peaceful protests may have passed. Now, each man and woman must seek the Living God to know what steps they need to take. The plots, plans, and schemes for our demise are now in the implementation phase and beyond any political solution. The Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches are filled with treachery, treason, and have yielded whole-heartedly to the globalists -- the sworn enemies of freedom-loving Americans. Luciferians have penetrated deep into our nation’s veins, and are now ready to strike at us via a coordinated effort between the traitors in our government and the generals of foreign armies, exemplified by Mark Milley’s secret talks with the Chinese Military, who’ve stated over and over again that they have no problem killing every man woman and child in America when they invade! Unfortunately watching this play out can be infuriating and frustrating. The destruction that is taking place minute by minute, second by second, reveals that God is isolating this nation to destruction, with no one coming to our aid.

In closing, every military style white-cross in every cemetery marks the body of a man or women who died defending our freedom. These crosses cry out for those in our generation to recognize the price they paid to give us freedom. We’ve thrown away this freedom with our apathy, carelessness, and rebellion against God Almighty, and the grace He once shed upon this nation. The war is at our shores, and soon we’ll see the ‘fifth column’ of ‘immigrant armies’ at our front door. This brings to mind a phrase I coined 30 years ago: ‘You want to be where everyone else isn't.’ Take refuge in a safe place to ride out this storm, hopefully away from over-populated cities. No matter where you are though, God will always have a remnant, and He will always provide an answer and an avenue of escape at the very last second. We are at our Red Sea Moment, when only God can preserve His followers. Strength, boldness, and the power of His Holy Spirit will cause us to be Overcomers during this dark time. It's time to quit looking to all the false-prophets promising peace and safety, and look to Jesus who is the author and finisher of our faith!”

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"Mark Milley was seizing personal control of America’s nuclear arsenal. He went around the room and demanded his officers submit to his authority, not the president. Mark Milley was now in charge".

Former Acting SecDef: I Didn’t Authorize Mark Milley’s Calls to China


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America Is Coming Apart At the Seams As China Readies For War!

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Steve Quayle: “Never in the history of any nation has so much denial been exhibited against a sworn enemy of the United States. China recently admitted that they have destroyed this nation through their biological weapons launched in the form of the Wuhan Virus, their PCR tests, and their vaccines! For the majority of American people, and the so-called ‘elected’ members of Congress, to react to China’s admission with apathy and ignorance, is a blatant exhibition in collective madness! We as a nation are in the midst of destruction, both from within and without.

The world is crumbling into chaos. In the last 12 hours, the Japanese and the Chinese are playing a dangerous game of submarine-tag in Japan's territorial waters. In addition, Russia is undergoing their largest military exercises ever undertaken, both on land in the sea. Radiation sensing monitors all through Europe and the Russian federation are indicating the movement of some very large 100 megaton nuclear weapons within the borders of Russia proper! NATO and the U.S. military have lived in denial so long, that they cannot can see that our enemies are ready to launch a coordinated nuclear attack upon these continental United States.

Up north, Canada just announced they are joining China's social credit system, which explains the vast amount of Chinese military assets and soldiers on the U.S. northern border. It's estimated that three-quarters-of-a-million Chinese military-troops are already in North America – in civilian roles – waiting for their order to start an internal Civil War; destroying and acquiring targets on command. They will also be seizing assets that China has long coveted but has waited until the right moment to strike.

To say the United States defense department is split is an understatement. Half of them are making war on American citizens as they import hundreds-of-thousands of Afghani fighting-age men (who just happen to be allowed into the country), while the other half (or secret military) prepares to uphold their constitutional oaths and defend U.S. citizens. Meanwhile, well over 1,000 Americans, most of which are Christians, are being held hostage by the Taliban. Due to President Biden’s abandonment of Afghanistan, we are an embarrassment in the eyes of the entire world. Almost all of America's former allies want nothing to do with the United States any longer. Saudi Arabia kicked the U.S. out of their country, while welcoming Russia's new defense umbrella within their borders, including 400 missile batteries that are headed to Saudi Arabia right now!

According to information I've been given, the entire Middle East is set to disengage from the petrodollar at a specific day within the next two months. The day-the-dollar-dies may be literally the day the United States ceases to exist due to a coordinated nuclear attack with these shores. I can't help but read and tremble at the words from the prophets-of-old, who stated: ‘Woe onto the nation that forgets God!’ Interestingly enough, the ‘curses’ in Deuteronomy 28 state that ‘foreigners will be lifted up’ while a nation’s citizens are being brought down in shame.

As many of you know, our ‘alien’ glyph project of ancient symbols and languages is turning up some astonishing communications between the Fallen Angels and their Earthly minions. The evidence is so provocative that it literally blows my mind. It appears as though the fallen ones are rushing to bring on the start of World War III, and foment a false-Armageddon scenario onto an unsuspecting world. The antichrist is right now waiting in the wings to bring about a staged peace agreement after an accelerated nuclear war – a war, by the looks of it, that may be over in just weeks! The international atmosphere is a bubbling pressure cooker that’s about to burst. It's only going take one mistake; one individual's poor choice, and war will erupt. The skies will be filled with every form of aerial-delivery-mechanism known to man, each one bristling with deadly weapons.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived at the end-of-the-age. The looming ‘Great Reset’ we keep hearing about, is nothing more than the rule and reign of the antichrist that will last for forty-two months. You must use every single minute and hour of the day to get right with Jesus Christ. Learn to hear His voice, which comes from the reading of the word of God, especially the gospel of John. John was an apostle who was banished to the Island of Patmos, and there he was given The Revelation of Jesus Christ by our Heavenly Father. This final book of the Bible contains very specific details about how the entire world will follow after the beast, with the exception of the redeemed. The foolish kings at the end of time will face damnation and destruction on the Plains of Megiddo, where the devil and his armies will be defeated by Jesus Christ!

Since we know NOT the hour of this final battle or our redemption, ‘the wise’ should acquire all the food and self-reliance items that they can get their hands on. While the days grow darker, the shelves are growing emptier. The danger of World War III is accelerating by the hour; in the oceans and in the skies above. The great promise of the Living God: Call upon Him in the day of trouble and He will hear you! As the scriptures declare, we stand at the precipice of history knowing what lies ahead. If we believe God's word and act upon it, then we will be saved. Jesus is the Good Shepherd. His sheep hear His voice and will follow as He leads. He will feed and protect His chosen ones through the battle that is upon us. Be strong and courageous, trusting on the promises of God!”

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The Rise of Super-Soldiers and the Reanimated Genesis 6 Giants!

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Daniel 2:42-43: "And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken. And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay."

Steve Quayle: “This may come as a surprise to some, and be a point of contention among Bible scholars, but in the unusual passage of Daniel 2:43 the scripture speaks of the ‘seed of men being made of clay’ and then being mixed with iron, but the combination would not ‘cleave’ or stay in that state. So, what is this passage about? The Genesis 6 narrative is about Fallen Angels, or heavenly beings coming to Earth to produce a race of hybrids known as the Nephilim/Rephaim. Their first and foremost mission was to destroy the human genome and begin a superior hybrid race in its place. The reason these controversial verses have been avoided by main stream Christianity is simply unbelief mixed with a strong dose of Biblical ignorance. The organized Church has long been fearful of any Biblical references that spell out the origin of the Mighty Men of Renown, and even Nimrod’s transformation into the form of a ghibborim-hybrid-giant. He possessed both human DNA and more importantly Fallen Angel DNA which was supernatural in its origin. The Genesis 6 affair resulted in literal giants walking among us, empowered with super strength and abilities that were never meant to reside with human beings. These hybrid creatures built the great ancient civilizations, their monuments, megaliths, and all the cyclopean architecture of the pre-Adamic era that existed before the creation of man in the Garden of Eden.

The historical background I just described is necessary in understanding the current super soldier programs taking place around the globe. What is happening now with super-soldier development, especially in China, is a carryover from the Genesis 6 narrative, and it is the basis for the genetic material extraction (and the mad search for it) from the giants who are either mummified or in a state of suspended animation. The major super powers of the world are all working to surpass each other and bring back on planet Earth the very creatures that God once judged so severely. The Book of Enoch and the Book of Giants, both found within the Dead Sea Scrolls, prophesied that giant beings would return at the end of the age, or in the last days.

Secret underground and underwater alien-human bases are where these hybrids now reside in their reanimated state, awaiting their release upon the surface of the Earth. The links I've included with this PRIVATE BRIEFING are critical for you in understanding the reality about the literal ‘Return of the Giants’ in battle-ready form and size! When ancient Giants were killed, their unsanctioned hybrid spirits became the demons that now roam our planet looking to be re-embodied. Even now ladies and gentlemen, as we deal with a mutagenic-RNA-therapeutic-destruction of the human race, what is coming back very soon are these reanimated giants driven by the same evil spirits that possessed them in the first place. In other words, the disembodied spirits of the age-old giants are returning to reinhabit genetically produced clones literally based on their original DNA. The offspring of the Fallen Ones are coming home once again to make war on God’s people, those made in His image and likeness, known as human beings, whom the Fallen Ones hate with a passion!

These super soldier programs are financed with huge black-budgets and are tasked with creating Hitler's dream-army of supermen known as the Uber Mench. This PRIVATE BRIEFING may seem outlandish and fantastic, but everyone reading this better take it seriously before they arise from the depths and are marching among us. Jesus made an interesting statement that referenced the things that would come true in the future of mankind. He stated that: 'If I have told you Earthly things and you believe Me not, how can I tell you heavenly things?

John 3:12-13: "If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things? And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven."

Brothers and sisters, we are now in the time that the prophets of the Old Testament longed to see, but knew they would not see them in their lifetimes. Our generation is seeing the fulfillment of those things prophesied coming into our dimension to fight the end-times battle between the armies of God and the armies of the antichrist. As I've written over the past forty years and spoken on over thousands of hours and talk radio, the topic of ultra-black-spec-ops teams that deal with these underworld creatures, and fight against advanced ‘alien’ technologies, is probably the most carefully guarded secret in the world.

All of those people working on creating super soldiers for World War III, and the literal rule and reign of the antichrist on Earth, are fulfilling the mysterious verse in Daniel about mixing iron with clay. They are mixing human and supernatural DNA together but it will not cleave, and they will not have ultimate victory. We are about to see wars erupt, and the false Messiah will take on the role that Satan and his Fallen Angels have waited for, and have manipulated world leaders for, to bring about the end-of-days. So, when Jesus taught us to pray the Lord's prayer, He was specific in teaching us to pray for God's kingdom to come and for God's will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. The war is forming before our eyes and I admonish all of us to be strong in the power of the Lord Jesus, submitting yourselves to God thereby resisting the devil. Trust in the promise of God that our enemies, including super-soldiers and giants, must flee from us by the power of God's irrevocable word!”

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Beyond Human: Rise of the Super-Soldiers

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