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America Is Coming Apart At the Seams As China Readies For War!

September 13th 2021

America Is Coming Apart At the Seams As China Readies For War!

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Steve Quayle: “Never in the history of any nation has so much denial been exhibited against a sworn enemy of the United States. China recently admitted that they have destroyed this nation through their biological weapons launched in the form of the Wuhan Virus, their PCR tests, and their vaccines! For the majority of American people, and the so-called ‘elected’ members of Congress, to react to China’s admission with apathy and ignorance, is a blatant exhibition in collective madness! We as a nation are in the midst of destruction, both from within and without.

The world is crumbling into chaos. In the last 12 hours, the Japanese and the Chinese are playing a dangerous game of submarine-tag in Japan's territorial waters. In addition, Russia is undergoing their largest military exercises ever undertaken, both on land in the sea. Radiation sensing monitors all through Europe and the Russian federation are indicating the movement of some very large 100 megaton nuclear weapons within the borders of Russia proper! NATO and the U.S. military have lived in denial so long, that they cannot can see that our enemies are ready to launch a coordinated nuclear attack upon these continental United States.

Up north, Canada just announced they are joining China's social credit system, which explains the vast amount of Chinese military assets and soldiers on the U.S. northern border. It's estimated that three-quarters-of-a-million Chinese military-troops are already in North America – in civilian roles – waiting for their order to start an internal Civil War; destroying and acquiring targets on command. They will also be seizing assets that China has long coveted but has waited until the right moment to strike.

To say the United States defense department is split is an understatement. Half of them are making war on American citizens as they import hundreds-of-thousands of Afghani fighting-age men (who just happen to be allowed into the country), while the other half (or secret military) prepares to uphold their constitutional oaths and defend U.S. citizens. Meanwhile, well over 1,000 Americans, most of which are Christians, are being held hostage by the Taliban. Due to President Biden’s abandonment of Afghanistan, we are an embarrassment in the eyes of the entire world. Almost all of America's former allies want nothing to do with the United States any longer. Saudi Arabia kicked the U.S. out of their country, while welcoming Russia's new defense umbrella within their borders, including 400 missile batteries that are headed to Saudi Arabia right now!

According to information I've been given, the entire Middle East is set to disengage from the petrodollar at a specific day within the next two months. The day-the-dollar-dies may be literally the day the United States ceases to exist due to a coordinated nuclear attack with these shores. I can't help but read and tremble at the words from the prophets-of-old, who stated: ‘Woe onto the nation that forgets God!’ Interestingly enough, the ‘curses’ in Deuteronomy 28 state that ‘foreigners will be lifted up’ while a nation’s citizens are being brought down in shame.

As many of you know, our ‘alien’ glyph project of ancient symbols and languages is turning up some astonishing communications between the Fallen Angels and their Earthly minions. The evidence is so provocative that it literally blows my mind. It appears as though the fallen ones are rushing to bring on the start of World War III, and foment a false-Armageddon scenario onto an unsuspecting world. The antichrist is right now waiting in the wings to bring about a staged peace agreement after an accelerated nuclear war – a war, by the looks of it, that may be over in just weeks! The international atmosphere is a bubbling pressure cooker that’s about to burst. It's only going take one mistake; one individual's poor choice, and war will erupt. The skies will be filled with every form of aerial-delivery-mechanism known to man, each one bristling with deadly weapons.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived at the end-of-the-age. The looming ‘Great Reset’ we keep hearing about, is nothing more than the rule and reign of the antichrist that will last for forty-two months. You must use every single minute and hour of the day to get right with Jesus Christ. Learn to hear His voice, which comes from the reading of the word of God, especially the gospel of John. John was an apostle who was banished to the Island of Patmos, and there he was given The Revelation of Jesus Christ by our Heavenly Father. This final book of the Bible contains very specific details about how the entire world will follow after the beast, with the exception of the redeemed. The foolish kings at the end of time will face damnation and destruction on the Plains of Megiddo, where the devil and his armies will be defeated by Jesus Christ!

Since we know NOT the hour of this final battle or our redemption, ‘the wise’ should acquire all the food and self-reliance items that they can get their hands on. While the days grow darker, the shelves are growing emptier. The danger of World War III is accelerating by the hour; in the oceans and in the skies above. The great promise of the Living God: Call upon Him in the day of trouble and He will hear you! As the scriptures declare, we stand at the precipice of history knowing what lies ahead. If we believe God's word and act upon it, then we will be saved. Jesus is the Good Shepherd. His sheep hear His voice and will follow as He leads. He will feed and protect His chosen ones through the battle that is upon us. Be strong and courageous, trusting on the promises of God!”

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Posted By:
Darrin Geisinger
September 13, 2021



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