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ALERT: Vaccine Passports—The New "Show Me Your Papers!"

June 8th 2021

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Darrin Geisinger:  “‘Show me your papers, please!’ is not around the corner, it’s already here. Vaccination passports will be their tool to exclude conservatives from their utopian society, and also to quickly identify any ‘unwelcome deplorables’. Look at it this way, no one knows what you stand for as you enter a grocery store or board a plane. Stereo-typing based on race or manner-of-dress was vilified so they must come up with a way to hate you with just a glance—or a simple check of your new vaccination I.D. bracelet. Watch for terms like ‘Global Citizen’ to emerge, with anyone wanting to walk around and be part of their New World clique bowing to Big-Brother and getting their papers, and corrupt genetics, in order.

Have you seen Jenny Lopez, Lady Cuckoo, or Bob De Niro promoting the ‘Look for the WELL Health-Safety Seal’ propaganda garbage? Check out the video below. If that does not make your skin crawl you’d better check your pulse. Can I sum the WELL Health-Safety Seal’s purpose? It’s the ‘vaccination passport’ for businesses, period. It’s a way to easily identify entire establishments as being compliant with their freedom-stealing, technocracy.

WELL Health-Safety Seal VIDEO LINK: youtube.com/watch?v=6v_QRfju0IU

(Don’t you just love the American Flags dangling above their draconian seal? How patriotic...)

With Fauci now red-faced and red-handed in literally poisoning millions, even the sheeple out there should be waking up and storming their capitols with torches and pitchforks in hand (Thomas Jefferson would say that action is WELL OVERDUE). Will that happen? Some I respect believe there is a ‘Great Awakening’ taking place, and that the masses are about to rise up and drain the swamp themselves. I will hold out hope for this outcome while I stick more seeds in the ground, save more seeds, and grow my herd and flock (as fast as I can). I will also urge all of you reading this to register for Steve Quayle’s EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS streaming event happening this Friday and Saturday, June 11-12th 2021.

I’ve had the privilege of watching all the presentations this week and I can emphatically tell you that EACH ONE INDIVIDUALLY is worth the price of admission. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny will blow your mind about the vaccines, Christian Westbrook about their manipulation of our food supply, Egon Von Greyerz about the economic impact of all this and what you can do about it – and that doesn’t even include other presenters like Mike Adams, Gary Heavin, Catherine Austin Fitts, and Steve Quayle! Ask yourself this: will streaming conferences that talk about vaccinations and loss-of-freedoms EVEN BE ALLOWED later this year? The Algorithms are watching! Can they allow the protesters to keep protesting? They will soon tally up all the subversives and reactionaries and report them to the Global Compliance Police. Those found in violation will NOT be permitted to enter the grocery store (if there’s food even left on the shelves), you will NOT be permitted to fly on an airplane (if you even want to anymore), you will NOT pass go or collect $200 dollars, or the U.N.-FEMA handouts that might keep you alive another day.

Here’s my simple take on what they’ve done with COVID:

1. Gather data on resistance and compliance. They’re watching their PLAN-demic unfold and logging the amount of resisters, making their plans for PLAN-demic Part II or False-Flag Opportunity Summer/Fall of 2021.

2. Soften folks up and get them used to taking something they know nothing about in a time of mandated need, for previously mentioned PLAN-demic Part II.

3. Begin to make a stark dividing line between ‘progressives and reactionaries’ (I focus on this a lot throughout Book II of my Zero-Gs novel series due out later this month. Watch for it at DarrinGeisinger.com).

4. Stir up as much hate and resentment as possible at-a-glance, or at the check-of-a-bracelet, eventually leading to violent clashes. And when they introduce/engineer more severe shortages like food and healthcare, only the masked & vaxxed & WELL Health-Safety sealed businesses will get their vital supplies.

Are you prepared for the coming turmoil and hardships? Well, almost none of us are, myself included. But I sure am paying close attention to what the expert panel of speakers had to say during their EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS presentations. They informed, encouraged, and equipped me against the tribulations put in motion by the Globalists. I listened to these speakers and you should too. Register today and make sure you have your schedule open this Friday and Saturday to takes notes, and to take it all in. Thanks for supporting Steve and GenSix Productions....” (Commentary by Darrin Geisinger www.DarrinGeisinger.com)

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Posted By:
Darrin Geisinger
June 8, 2021

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