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ALERT: Mega-Drought & Mega-Fires Will Produce Mega-Death!

July 26th 2021

ALERT: Mega-Drought & Mega-Fires Will Produce Mega-Death!

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Steve Quayle: “Over the past 90 days my film company has been interviewing some of the most respected geologists, paleo-climatologists, and hydrologists in the world. The name of my upcoming film is Mega-Drought: Vanishing Waters. No longer can people deny the lateness of the hour, the danger of the day, or the madness of the minute, as out-of-control wild-fires rage along the West Coast and Pacific Northwest. The two largest water reservoirs in the United States: Lake Mead and Lake Powell, are already getting to the point where they will have to shut power off to the West Coast. But ladies and gentlemen, the most heartbreaking ramification is when water to 40,000,000+ people ceases to flow! We are nearly at that moment. We have arrived at the point where mega-droughts are producing mega-fires which will lead to mega-starvation and mega-death.

Everything in today’s headlines indicates that the former free-est nation in the world, once blessed with abundant natural resources, food for all, and ample opportunity, is being destroyed before our very eyes. It is my researched opinion that the United States of America is no more than a fading memory; with its history, accomplishments, founding fathers, and all that was prosperous when we walked in the ways of the Living God. Luciferian-worshipping-Globalists have begun their takedown, takeover, and eventual slaughter of over 250 million Americans as previewed in the infamous Rockefeller controlled Deagle Report which stated the deadline for these deaths was the year 2025. The famous statement of the house of Rothschild said that: “Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who writes its laws...” couldn't be more true at this point in America's demise. We must make our appeal to the Living God on behalf of our families, as well as the like-minded god-fearing remnant who calls upon the name of Jesus Christ. Who, by the way, the entire book of Revelation is written about. That prophetic book also details the end-of-the-age and the beginning of tribulations, which mirror the times we are now experiencing, including these deadly droughts, swirling wild-fires, and as famine begins to manifest across our world.

Close to half-a-century-ago, when Jesus revealed Himself to me, one of the first things I was shown was the great migration of people from the West Coast heading into the Rocky Mountains. They were staggering ahead on foot, peddling on bicycles, riding horses; pushing grocery carts, wagons, and anything else that they could haul their most meager of possessions. There were no trains running, planes flying, or automobiles driving. It was like something out of an apocalyptic movie mixed with an 1850s settlers-moving-west film. But instead of land or gold, the desperate people in my vision were looking for the most precious commodity on Earth: drinking water. The scene that played out before my eyes was so heartbreaking, and so devastating, that it bewildered me at the time. However, I knew that someday it would come to pass, someday in the future great quakes would rupture roads, cave-in aquifers, and massive lakes would simply disappear as their contents drained away into the ground.

I plead that those of you who are believers in Jesus Christ, please take these looming catastrophes to the Lord in prayer. Ask Him for His direction and immediate guidance as to what you should do. It's no secret that all the nations of the world are preparing for World War III, which even now the antichrist is orchestrating from behind the scenes. The ‘Great Reset’ so many are talking about is nothing more than the rule and reign of the antichrist on the Earth, as he makes war against the redeemed of the Lord. Pray that your flight not be in winter! These words of Jesus couldn't be more applicable as our summer draws to an end, when colder weather begins sweeping across our land. We are very, very close to the times that the ancient prophets and disciples of Jesus wrote about, and preached about, concerning the Second Coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

I hope to have the trailer for Mega-Drought: Vanishing Waters for you to see by mid-August of this year. The imagery and story it tells is beyond argument, and its dire conclusions are obvious. We must seek the Lord and receive His protection so that drought and fire will pass us by, as we take shelter under His mighty wings...

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Posted By:
Darrin Geisinger
July 26, 2021

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