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ALERT: Is Biden’s Sinister Sarcasm A Veiled Threat-of-War Against the American People?

June 28th 2021

ALERT: Is Biden’s Sinister Sarcasm A Veiled Threat-of-War Against the American People?

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Steve Quayle  “America, you are a divided house and you shall not stand! The old statement: ‘divide and conquer’ couldn't be clearer than what we’re seeing in our politics, our racial divide, and most importantly within our armed forces -- so that they can create a war to destroy this country and the U.S. military -- from within! The fact that our usurper-of-a-president could even utter a statement that ‘in order to fight the government you’ll need F-15's and nuclear weapons’ is both shocking and appalling. The sheeple of the world will excuse Sleepy-Joe’s statement as satire, but it's anything but that. The Democrats declared war on the Living God and His followers by making statements that defined their platform prior to the elections (or election-theft), and now this usurper is showing his true colors. No communist revolution has ever succeeded without a huge loss of life, Civil War, and the disarming of its citizens through gun confiscation and mass-slaughter by those in control. I stand by my statement that we are watching the communist takeover, and take down, of the most glorious nation the world has ever known. When we walked in the ways of the Living God, with liberty and justice for all, America was upholding the most important value of them all: FREEDOM, and that freedom is being killed by the communist traitors in our own government.

In my opinion, the confiscation of our guns will be the initiation of Civil War, and it’s almost upon us. Ladies and gentlemen, the FEMA camps, military prison camps, and execution facilities filled with over a quarter-of-a-million guillotines and crematorium ovens, await their victims and doubters. The hardest issue I have to deal with are Christians in denial of the prophetic fulfillment that they’re seeing come to pass before their very eyes. They cannot seem to come to grips with the fact that God declared the end-of-days, at the very beginning-of-days, through His prophets of old. The words of Jesus, and the acceleration of the destruction of mankind in totality, is about to take place. Christians must come to the realization that Satan in all his fury is going to make war on the Saints like no other time in history. Even now, the vaccination of infants is taking place, despite all the known side effects of this mutagenic-messenger-RNA in these injections. Still, like deaf, dumb, and blind people who can no longer think, they walk lockstep with their own destruction as all of humanity is being denied the very command of the Living God: ‘Be fruitful and multiply!’

Life will never return to normal, and all the blessings that we have benefited from when we honored Almighty God are now being taken from us, starting with our freedoms, our food, our water, and our right to life itself! Prepare for the battle that has never been experienced in the history of the world, that you pray and seek the face of the Living God, that you may overcome, through the blood of Jesus the word of your testimony, loving not our lives into death, by appropriating the faith that God so richly provides. My brothers and sisters, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might, for the battle has come, but you are the bright lights in the darkness of the night! All hail the power of Jesus name...

Biden: (SATIRE) 'You Need F-15s And Nukes' To Fight Government

VIDEO LINK: DumbDopeSays_YouNeedF-15s 

Biden's Gun Control Agenda

LINK: BidenGunControl

Mike Adams Interviews: "China Prepares to Release Second Bio-weapon on USA"

VIDEO LINK: NextChinaBioWeapon

InfoWars: Communist Chinese Influence Has Infected Nearly Every Sector Of Corporate America

VIDEO LINK: ChinaInfluence

As Military Addresses Diversity, Republicans See Culture War Target

LINK: MilitaryWar

Prophetic Word Given to Steve Quayle, May 17th 2014: "3 Yellow Sheets"

LINK: 3_Yellow_Sheets

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Posted By:
Darrin Geisinger
June 28, 2021

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