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ALERT: Gestapo Rising & the Assassination of Free Speech

July 6th 2021

ALERT: Gestapo Rising & the Assassination of Free Speech

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Darrin Geisinger:  “Are you an extremist? I’ll bet you are. If you reading anything remotely to do with alternative news sites, you are an extremist. Steve Quayle has been sounding the alarm on the coming take-down and take-over of our country for decades, and now it’s upon us. 1984 meets 2021 as Big Brother has begun policing your online, public persona for anything that does not fit into their Globalist, Communist, Tree-hugging, Genetic-tampering agenda.

A quick search of the term: ‘Extremist Content’ and you'll see a bevy of headlines saying that Facebook is ‘under attack’, or is suffering a huge ‘backlash’ over its recent push to expose anyone with conservative or patriotic viewpoints. As if that wasn’t calculated all along, and as if FB wasn’t ORDERED to do this accelerated-content-policing by the Luciferin puppet-masters in control. Of course there is a backlash. As in any war, the opposing force is returning fire. There is a segment of America that is not only fed up with what’s going on, they are gearing up (literally) for an inevitable civil war. Bumper stickers and window decals are popping up all over the Ozarks saying that ‘we’re not going to take it anymore’, etc., and this brewing animosity is not going unnoticed.

Right now, the Globalists are measuring our collective push-back, numbering those that have not, or will not, take their poisonous ‘jab’, and strategizing their next move. A war is on, and it is a war they intend to win. Even if it takes several more months of TV/Internet/Streaming-PROGRAMMING and mass confusion, they will steal the hearts and minds of the young and naïve, while the old(er) regime, who actually knows what the Constitution is, will become too few or watered down to mount an effective resistance.

I've created book covers (and laid out the interior text) for Steve Quayle, Michael Lake, Sheila Zilinksy, and for many people like you (link: King’s Custom Covers - click now before I’m taken off as an extremist!). We’re in a golden age of publishing and self-publishing where if you have all the elements together (cover, interior text, etc.), you can upload them to a famous Big Box Store to buy, and sell, as many books as you like for an UNBELIEVABLY cheap price (usually around $5 or $6 each, your cost, plus shipping, with no minimum to buy!) Ten years ago, this would have been impossible, or impossibly expensive. Now, anyone with the simple want-to can put out a book with all their personal thoughts, conservative views, and you guessed it: ‘extremist content’ that they desire. It’s free speech in all its glory, and for those prices, it’s nearly cost free (side note: just so you understand what we have in this service, 20 years ago you would have had to buy 20,000 copies of your book to get to $5 or $6 dollars a unit, maybe more). Anyone with a Word Doc and a story should jump all over this while it lasts – which brings me to my next point: How long will it last?

Yesterday, I was remarking to my lovely wife Nickie, wondering how long before their Gestapo, AI Algorithms are scanning everyone’s content upon book-upload, and rejecting anything with the key search words we’ve all been dancing around in our memes? I mean, if they’re censoring online, why not in print? She said back to me, without hesitation: ‘When that happens, when we see that kind of censorship, the end has come...’ Well, as the famous quote goes: ‘It’s not the end of the world, but you can see it from here.’

Just how long before anyone resisting the tidal wave of insane, liberal-debauchery is labeled an extremist kook by the radical, progressive left – and is at first sidelined, then ultimately ostracized from functioning and doing business in our society-gone-mad? There are many blows yet to throw, and the war is heating up. Their noose is tightening and major decisions to ‘get out of Babylon’ are becoming colossal. I can still go to WAL-Box and grab some cheap stuff without wearing a mask, and that is darn convenient. And if I could endure it, I could still fly where I want to without their ‘jab’ or vaccination passport, with only mild suffering. But for how much longer? Well, you can see it from here...”

(Commentary by Darrin Geisinger, DarrinGeisinger.com)

Their Endgame For The Flag, The National Anthem, The Declaration Of Independence & The Constitution

LINK: EndGame

Facebook Is Now Issuing “Extremist Content” Warnings

LINK: FacebookExtreme

‘Orwellian’: Facebook Faces Backlash for ‘Harmful Extremist Content’ Alerts

VIDEO LINK: FaceBookBacklash

Facebook Slammed After Issuing New ‘Extremist Content’ Warnings

VIDEO LINK: FacebookCensorship

LISA HAVEN: Things Are About To Get Real… They’re Coming For You!

VIDEO LINK: ComingFor You

AI and the Coming Bots Will Censor Us TO DEATH: TERMINATED, Large Format Book by Steve Quayle

Humanity is on the Brink of Extinction. Read this amazing book and be warned!

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Posted By:
Darrin Geisinger
July 6, 2021

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