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ALERT: EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS Conference Starts Tomorrow!!

June 10th 2021



ALERT Post is Copyright © GenSix Productions 2021, All Rights Reserved

Steve Quayle  “Wow, today is one day before the conference and I want to thank all of you who have signed up to view it, and also those of you who have pre-ordered the DVD set. Can you believe how fast time is flying?! This year's streaming event will be your window into the future, just as True Legends was, with the only difference being that our time to share these revelations with you is now even shorter. We have arrived at the most perilous point in mankind's history. EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS have been made known by the Globalist-Luciferian-Cabals and they spell out just what they plan to do with us, and this information is simply too much for most people to handle. Every speaker in our lineup, streaming to you this Friday and Saturday, will expose the vast plans of those who seek the annihilation of the human race. Jesus stated that there has never been a time like this, nor would be again, and except He shorted the days, there would be no flesh left alive. Yet for the elect sake, these days are being shortened.

Total control of our minds and bodies, access to food and fresh water, with every conceivable control mechanism over human beings, is accelerating in a minute-by-minute basis. The supernatural orchestration and implementation of all that the prophets have warned about, and the rising of the Beast Empire, are now upon us! To equip the saints, to warn all mankind, and provide you a future glimpse through some of the brightest minds in the world, is a great joy and delight of GenSix Productions. God, in His infinite mercy, is providing a window into the future to warn us against the presence of escalating danger: through war, plague, famine, drought and the ensuing starvation.

The promise of transhumanism is the same lie delivered in the Garden of Eden, and it is now offered to all of mankind, through a technologically-decadent mindset brewed in the cauldrons of hell, overseen by Satan himself! Perversion in the hearts and minds of those surrendering to the ultimate deception will only worsen as the time for the appearance of the anti-Christ is now here. The ultimate deception of the “aliens”, who will be worshiped as our god and creator, now fills the headlines. Television programming and major films are literally STUFFED with this concept, over and over again. You're being programmed with their version of reality, until you are thoroughly duped and accept their narrative as fact. But we will resist, and cling to God Almighty as He sees us through their web-of-lies.

The 112-foot tall, holographic giant (see first link below) is mirroring the “image of the beast”, or a trigger point to get human beings prepared for the return of the biblical giants, along with their appetites and hatred for mankind. The giant article-link should have us all on our knees and interceding that the Lord Jesus Christ would deliver us from this evil that is now front and center.

Please also see the image of the recent, and shocking, crop circles below. These crop circles are illustrating exactly what I reveal in my book Xeno-Genesis: the third strand of alien DNA that will infect human DNA. The word “normal” has indeed gone into the dustbin of history, along with all those nations who in their pride and arrogance thought that they were invincible. All the countries of the world that give their power unto the beast will watch their lives be destroyed before their eyes. But be encouraged People of the Living God. The Apostle Peter stated that we are not without hope, as those who perish, for we have put our trust and our faith and love in our Lord Jesus Christ, who tells us time and time again, “fear not”. Jesus stated that He would never leave us, nor forsake us, and He is with us even unto the end of the age!"

Steve Quayle's Book Xeno-Genesis LINK: XenoGenesisBook

The EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS streaming conference begins tomorrow at 9am Central, 10am Eastern with Gary Heavin. Check out the full schedule here at: GenSix.com/schedule. Be ready for two days of vital information, encouragement, and preparation that will be absolutely be necessary for everyone to hear before we enter the dark days just ahead...

Please observe the stunning announcement of a massive holographic giant about to be paraded across the world! Can they be any more obvious with what they are trying to prepare mankind for? As stated in Isaiah 13 of the Septuagint – “I give command, and I bring them: giants are coming to fulfil my wrath, rejoicing at the same time and insulting..." These days that we are living in, may they be shortened indeed! DO NOT MISS OUT on GenSix's EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS event starting tomorrow. If you don’t have time, make time, and sign up now >>>REGISTER: www.GenSix.com

DAYS OF NOAH: Stunning New 112FT Visitor Attraction Called ‘The Giant’ Using Advanced Technology To Make A 20-Nation Tour In 2021

LINK: GiantHologram


>>>REGISTER: www.GenSix.com

Precious Metals from Steve Quayle, Your Trusted Source!

LINK: PreciousMetals/Link


Posted By:
Darrin Geisinger
June 10, 2021

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