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ALERT: Evidence of “Aliens” is Accelerating: And Its Not Coming Through Official Channels!

December 9th 2021

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Steve Quayle: "One of the most notable details from the series Star Trek were the perpetual references to the Klingon’s ships being able to CLOAK: meaning, the main characters arch-enemies could have their spacecraft disappear, or make their ships invisible to the naked eye. There are several things to note from this feature appearing in a popular sci-fi series: One, Hollywood always spills the beans on existing, secret technology before it becomes public, and two, is this cloaking technology the reason we’ve had trouble getting ‘alien’ craft on film for so long? There are a few exceptions, like this video here where one of our own TR3B advance anti-gravity craft must have had a failure in its cloaking device, appearing several times over the skies of France and Belgium- LINK: TR3B_VIDEO The cloaking-maintenance crew must have gotten fired over this sighting. So, what else is flying up there right now, cloaked from view, watching us, biding their time? 

In March 2017, the first extra-solar asteroid came into our system. Named Oumuamua, Harvard trained astronomers declared that there was something different about this object. Oumuamua could actually speed up, and showed other signs of intelligent control! Since we all know a piece of inanimate rock cannot do this, just what could this object have been? We might have a clue if we study an event that took place in 761 BC, the Mars-Earth Wars. The asteroid belt between the planet Mars and Jupiter was once a planet called Rahab, spoken of in scripture (Rahab was also known as Astra). This mysterious planet was destroyed due to the gravitational fields of Mars or Jupiter, and the reason this was allowed to happen was because of a war taking place in the heavenlies. (For much more in-depth information on Mars and the Mars-Earth War with Lucifer, take advantage of a special I have going on right now for two of my most critical, large-format books: Cydonia and Mars-Earth Wars: 2 Book Special Link: MARS)

So, why is this ancient planetary-battle so important to what’s happening today? Oumuamua, coming from outside our solar system, literally transacted the exact orbital point where Rahab, Lucifer’s home world, would've been--had it not been destroyed. So, it is not by coincidence that this strange object, with intelligent and sentient characteristics, was able to direct its motion and control its speed!

The reason I'm giving you the background on the extra-solar visitor is to draw your attention to our ongoing expedition in Mexico, Latin America/South America. Eyewitness testimony of someone who has seen the inside of an alien craft described the controls to me, and this person had no way of knowing that I’d be able to confirm their claim, so this testimony is pretty incredible. In their description of the craft, the external surface didn't look like the classic flying saucer, but more like a meteor or asteroid. Now comes the big surprise, and is the reason I mentioned CLOAKING at the outset of this article. Many of the objects in the Rahab asteroid belt may be using a form of cloaking-camouflage to mask their existence until it’s time for them to be revealed to our world. When this happens, when DISCLOSURE takes place, the greatest deception in history will be unfolded to a human society that has been primed to take the bait.

There are other anomalies associated with Oumuamua that sync with what we have called the ‘Nephilim Stone’ that we discovered in Mexico. The Nephilim Stone shows in carved detail the planet Rahab literally cracking up and exploding! Many ancient civilizations have associated Mars with war, which is quite compelling in its ramifications. Add to this that people from around the globe have for years been posting videos of ‘space materials’ that don't burn up in the atmosphere, but crash the earth all around us! Just where is all this material from? Everyone has heard the term ‘hiding in plain sight,’ -- and this appears to be a perfect example of that!

Now, here's where it gets really interesting. A few days before my friend Greg Evenson went to be with the Lord Jesus, we were talking about an interview he wanted to do with me. The focus of the interview was going to be about his time in the Secret Space Force, and his orbiting of the planet Mars around its Jupiter-facing pole. Greg said that he went down onto the surface of Mars and beheld thousands of pieces of crystal, unlike anything he'd ever seen. These magnificent crystals emitted light in all directions, even though they had been shattered into 1000 pieces! Instantly, I knew that what he was beholding the destroyed crystal throne of Lucifer himself, that was destroyed by the Living God when He turned Lucifer’s planet Rahab into an obliterated asteroid field. Most people don't know that Greg was a Green Beret. He was also one of the most highly decorated law-enforcement officers in Kansas history. His biggest secret by far though, was being a member of the Secret Space Command that's been in place since the late 1940s. Even the closest members of his family never knew this about him. It broke my heart when Greg passed away, and we never got a chance to do that interview.

Why this is all pertinent is simple: There are layers and layers of secrets, and Mars and all of our planets were involved in a very mysterious war that must be understood. The cataclysms and catastrophes that took place in the ancient heavens illustrate a battle between Almighty God and the rebellious cherub Lucifer. That war continues until this day. My prayer is that those of you reading this can understand what's at stake here. In these PRIVATE BRIEFINGS, we’re not just reviewing an alien presence throughout history, but delving into a vast deception that is about to be unleashed on the inhabitants of Earth. The stage is being set for the times Jesus spoke about when He said ‘there has never been a time like these, nor would be again.’ May God grant all those with eyes to see and ears to hear the wisdom to be overcomers in these dark days. There has never been an enemy like this, one that can come at you from all directions at once; above and below. Men’s hearts will literally burst ‘for fear of looking after the things coming onto the Earth’. 

In closing, please note that Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek, was a CIA agent. He was given real ‘alien intelligence’ and was privy to actual high-tech inventions that he was ordered to release (in the form of science fiction) to let those in the real world know exactly what was coming. As you read the enclosed links below, keep in mind that these scientists do not possess Cosmic or Majestic clearances, and probably have not seen proof of ‘aliens’ firsthand. Still, we’re warning you and revealing the secrets-of-the-unknown as best we can, so you can be equipped for the lie that is soon to come. Be blessed and encouraged because God says His people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, and you’ve gained knowledge by reading this post that will deliver you from the greatest Alien-Luciferian Deception since the creation of Mankind! Be on guard, and warn others!”

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Posted By:
Darrin Geisinger
December 9, 2021



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