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ALERT: “Alien-Aztec Glyphs” Reveal Fallen Angel Language and the Great Deception!

May 3rd 2021


Steve Quayle: “This year for the virtual EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS conference, my presentation will be based on an 18-month ongoing expedition which GenSix Productions has been carrying out in Mexico, with an all Mexican film crew and staff. The expedition has established ‘provenance authenticity’, or archival integrity, by filming the extraction of a Aztec-Alien artifacts taken from a very specific region. These artifacts range in weight from less than a pound to over a ton! Also, many indigenous people have found artifacts in a 600 mile area there. They allowed us special access to their private collections, which we photographed and catalogued in detail, provided we kept their identities a secret. One of the most unusual questions that was asked by Enrico Fermi, formally known as the architect of the atomic bomb, is known as the Fermi Paradox. Fermi Paradox describes the apparent contradiction between why there is no evidence of extraterrestrial life despite the fact that logically it should have been discovered by the 1950s. What that question did not consider was that from the most ancient times to present day, the alien interaction with humanity has been well documented and described in the myths and legends of history. The secret societies, mystics, and world governments have done their best to cover up, and cover over, the presence of aliens and interdimensional beings from the beginning of time to suit their own hidden agenda. That agenda features a plan to spring upon the world’s population the greatest deception ever undertaken!

Concurrent with our 18-month expedition in Mexico, my film production company GenSix accomplished one of the most challenging (by the private sector) tasks I believe ever undertaken in modern history. The goal of the project was to take all known ancient symbols, ancient characters, rock paintings, and all known symbols from antiquity to the present, and run them through super-computer comparisons to build what I have termed a ‘Glyphtionary’. This Glyphtionary interprets what the symbols mean, and reveals the language of the fallen angels of antiquity. I believe this language was used by the fallen ones to infect mankind by teaching them the knowledge of good and evil, the forbidden knowledge that God never intended mankind to know! The narrative, stories, epics, and the description of pre-Adamic history, staggers the imagination in its clarity of the ongoing war between good and evil!

Find out what this 'Fallen Angel Glyph Message' means by hearing Steve Quayle's presentation during EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS: www.GenSix.com

The literal Battle of Armageddon, where the forces of the living God will meet the fallen ones and their armies, is illustrated in these Glyphs in astonishing detail. The Alien-Aztec inscriptions, drawings, celestial coordinates, and the actual building of the pyramids by the aliens, are also defined in mind-blowing ways. During my EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS presentation, I will be revealing the ramifications of what the discovery of this Glyphtionary means to you. What it all points to is that ‘men's hearts will fail them for looking after those things literally coming upon the earth’, from under the earth, and a ABOVE THE EARTH, as massive ‘alien spaceships’, with astonishing technology, will deceive the entire planet into thinking that they are the gods that created mankind! This is why Christians must be aware of this greatest deception that will ever launched against humanity. By providing you with this information, it will give you the ability to share Jesus within the Biblical context as people everywhere begin to freak out. They simply will not know where to turn, and you may be the only person who can tell them how this was all foretold to us in God's Holy Word. Become equipped with the answers you’ll need by registering right now for the EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS event happening this June 11th-12th. This special event will give you the answers you’ll need to have the protection and provision required during the most perilous times ever known on planet earth! Each of our following ALERTS will cover all the different areas of expertise that our speakers will be presenting during the virtual conference. Register today: www.GenSix.com.Thank you so much for your continued support!

18-Month GenSix Productions Expedition in Mexico - DETAILS

The Methodology used to translate the glyphs into English
Because the fallen angel language is a visual language the method to discover the meaning of the different glyphs is as follows:

• Scan the image database seeking symbols of similar type as well as similar symbol context.

• Then all the symbols which are similar in nature are verified for what we know and what we do not know about the symbols.

• In addition, all the idiomatic language symbols are scanned as well.

• After the context and use is determined we look at what part of a story or meaning is trying to be shared by this symbol.

• The work is very repeated many times so that all efforts to gain the meaning of the symbol (even when used in a different context) are extracted and then the translation for that symbol in different contexts is put in English into the database along with the other symbols which happen to be related either as parts of a story or instruction or just simply different groups of symbols used together to add clarity to the meaning of the symbol.

How is this project being accomplished?
• This project is being accomplished by a unique technology named: In context reading and
translation of symbols recognition

• What this means in simple English is that the computer system builds the list of translated meanings using all available symbols of all known languages as well as the already decoded and understood Glyph language itself.

• At this point human reviews the information and gives the go/no go signal for each block of

• As each block of symbols is decoded then the meanings for each symbol are added to the “translation dictionary” for further passes through the in-context symbol reading system to see if any new discoveries are made.

• While this sounds like a lot of repeated effort the repeated scanning is required to build translation accuracy because you must remember this translation effort covers a language which includes pre-adamic, pre-flood 1, pre-flood 2, and post flood 2 as well as the last 200 years which are called “modern glyph” and the symbols have changed slightly over time as well as thousands of symbols added over time.

• There is a dedicated team of 12 to 15 people at any given time doing the human part of the work:
– Total months in the project so far: 18
– Total man hours so far: 20,000+ man hours

• Computer time used so far:
– Shape matching computer hours: 116,000 hours+
– In context reading hours of visual symbols in groups: 250,000+hours
– Decoding time: 300,000+ hours

Things discovered as the work progresses
• To date there exists a “library” of more than 500,000+ unique symbols and images gathered from all over the world.

• Images captured but not yet cataloged: 220,000+

• Glyphs entered and cataloged in the system: 120,000+ glyphs

• Total number of glyph symbols translated into English and verified to date: 31,500+

• Total number of glyph symbols translated into English which are used in glyph transmissions daily (like normal message type traffic) 8,500+

• The initial idea was to make a book like a dictionary but as the number of glyphs got so large that we began to build a database and then the finished work will be an image or word searchable DVD book containing all the information

U.S. Space Force Chief Scientist: ‘Human Augmentation’ Is Now Necessary


LINK: Augmentation/Article

Fermi Paradox: Where Are The Aliens? (The Alien Glyphs Answer This Question!)

PDF FILE: WhereAreThey/Article

SkyWatch TV: THE COMING GREAT DECEPTION—PART 3: VATT, Giants, Hybrids, and LUCIFER’s Light Spectrum

PDF FILE: AlienDeception/Article

Fiction/Faction Book that Reveals How the Alien Deception Will Go Down

Think: Tom Horn's EXO-Vaticana MEETS the Opposite of the Left Behind Series; "We're all still here" when the Messengers arrive to beguile mankind into believing that we can become G-O-D-S... LINK: BookInfoHERE


Precious Metals from Steve Quayle, Your Trusted Source!

LINK: PreciousMetals/Link


Posted By:
Darrin Geisinger
May 3, 2021

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