Thunderous Signature of God’s Majesty

December 1, 2019

by Celeste Solum

Oh! the dreadful thunder peals When His anger God reveals, All my blood to tingle making, And my heart's foundation-shaking!

Thunder arouses us from our slumber, demanding our attention. God thundereth with the voice of His excellency - that is, with a cry of majesty and grandeur. And He will not stay hold back the judgments of Day of the Lord storms. Oh, that we would listen to the voice of Jesus, who in many ways warns us to flee from the wrath to come; and invites us to accept His salvation, and to be happy. The thundering of God cannot be traced, for it is veiled in clouds of mystery obscuring His sovereign power. The noise of clashing air masses manifesting lightning is associated with heights, storms, violent natural phenomena, the power and authority of God, the presence, and awesomeness of Almighty God.

Thunder contains God’s acoustic signatures that can be used to understand the properties of the lightning channels that He uses to forge communicate with us His majesty and judgment. These are embedded within the Peals, Claps, and Rumbles of thunder. The characteristics of Peals, Claps, and Rumble are directly affected at His command infusing acoustic energy, channel tortuosity, and attenuation of high frequencies during the propagation of this phenomena.

Suddenly, the atmosphere expands around the lightning channel! This initiates a strong shock wave with an extremely high-pressure variation, which then gradually turns into a feeble shock with slow speed. Cylindrical wave-fronts shock and saturate your being, much like waves at the seashore overcome, as you wade into deeper waters. These transformational acoustic pressures travel within the laws of nature at the speed of sound, except during supernatural thunder events, when they will move faster than the speed of light. We must take notice, for the glory of God with His roaring voice, shakes our very cells and then out unto the farthest galaxies. All creation bowing in obedience to His perfect will.

Seven Peals of Thunder

The thundering voice of God comes to us in seven peals noted in the Book of Revelation. The roaring sound of thunder may be an emblem of the roar of dreadful volleys of curses, vengeance, and wrath as delivered out by Boanergeses, the sons of thunder. They can also be the loud proclamation of the Gospel with its alarming awakening sound of the Word, attended by the Holy Spirit and power of God, calling to sinners asleep and dead in trespasses and sins; upon which they awake, to hear an urgent plea to consider eternal life.

Flashes of thunderous peals are harmonic in nature. They are in perfect harmony with God, His Laws of Nature, and His Creation. During the End Days, harmonious sounds of all creation will act in unity to divest the earth of evil.

Peals of Thunder

Peals of thunder arrive directly from a lightning discharge, while consecutive peals originate at different sections of the flash while claps come from different directions that appear from a reflection or a distant excitation of the flash. The frequency composition of peal seems to be a representation of the localized acoustic energy produced by the expansion of air around the return stroke. Peals inhabit the 75 Hz zone.

Clapping of the Thunder

God has also formed abrupt isolated pressure variations which persist for short time durations in thunder, that can be identified as a clap. Its sound quality is based on its impulsive nature associated with short time duration and superimposition of a few feeble pressure fluctuations. The clap resides within the propagation of cloud flashes with their torturous nature. Tortuosity is a property of a curve being tortuous, having twisted with many turns. Our faith is much like this with many bends and turns in the road throughout our life. The fundamental frequencies of the distinct claps appear in the same flash are changed from low frequency to high and high frequency to low, irrespective of the flash type. Claps inhabit the 102 Hz zone.

Low Thunderous Rumble Signifies the Fast Approaching Storm

Most of us first notice the low reverberating rumbles of thunder from a distance. We attune our ears to determine how far away the storm is to learn how to manage our time or if we must spring into action immediately. We are beginning to hear the low rumbles of the converging End Time storm. It is prudent to take whatever steps the Holy Spirit leads to prepare.

The pressure fluctuations from the closest part of the channel and the fluctuations initiated by the nearest branches of the distant flashes arrive at the observer first. The pressure fluctuation from the very remote flashes produces rumbles with low frequencies because of the rapid attenuation of the high frequencies with the propagation and the small variation of the intensity level. Generally, rumbles appear first, and later the roaring thunder that infers the distance is one of the factors. Rumbles appear from the closer part of the channel with high-frequency harmonics, while distant flashes provide feeble intensities for harmonics with the low fundamental frequency. Rumbles inhabit the 63 Hz zone.

Thunder is an energetic sound. Does the Creator provide three different types of thunder as He also gives three distinct sounds that emerge from the horn and trumpet? These vivid sounds are used throughout the Holy Scripture of majesty and bringing down the walls of evil in our hearts and the world.


Pronounced tuh-KEE-ah, the tekiah blast is one long note that acts as a kind of summons and the sound of a King’s coronation, likened to the rumbling thunder. It is used to reaffirm God’s sovereignty.


Pronounced shih-vah-REEM, this word literally means “breaks” or “fractures,” like the claps of thunder. The shevarim blast is three medium-length notes that have been compared to the sound of weeping and repentance.


Pronounced tih-ROO-ahh, the t’ruah blast is a series of concise, staccato sounds that have been compared to an urgent alarm, calling us to rouse from our spiritual slumber, likened unto the peals of thunder containing the Seven Thunders.

Listening to the Voice of God

Upon hearing thunder, we should be listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit and what the Spirit desires to convey. If your body quakes at hearing thunder, then let your thoughts drift to the pageantry and majesty associated with these reverberating harmonic echoes. Take the seven peals of thunder, for instance:

The Gate of Heaven is opened

Out from the throne, there came flashes of lightning, and voices, and peals of thunder, while in front of the throne, seven blazing lamps were burning, which are the seven Spirits of God. Revelation 4:5

And notice the lightning/thunder comes with voices; this means that there is more than one. Can we conclude that these are the various attributes of the characteristics of God in unison? Possibly. Could it be the Divine Counsel? Angelic advisories? For certain, it must be God Himself perhaps with His allies because the Gate of Heaven is opened in God’s Throne Room.

After the Silence in Heaven

So the angel took the censer and filled it with fire from the altar and flung it to the earth, and there followed peals of thunder, and voices, and flashes of lightning, and an earthquake. Revelation 8:5

When one ponders this verse, it is astounding! This golden censer contains the prayers of the Set-Apart Believer’s that go up before the very Throne of God! Are you praying, so that your prayers are among those put in the golden censer?

Messenger Descends from Heaven with a Little Book and Puts His foot on Earth and Sea, Seals up Seven Thunders voices

he cried out in a loud voice which resembled the roar of a lion. And when he had cried out, each of the seven peals of thunder shouted their messages. And when the seven peals of thunder had spoken, I was about to write down what they had said; but I heard a voice from Heaven which told me to keep secret all that the seven peals of thunder had said and not write it down. Revelation 10:3-4

Jesus, after the Lion of Judah, not the swaddled infant, begins to take title ownership over the earth. The cries out the Seven Thunders uttered their secret messages. But they were sealed up.

Doors to the Heavenly Sanctuary are opened, and the Ark with the Covenant was seen

Then the doors of God's sanctuary in Heaven were opened, and the Ark, in which His Covenant was, was seen in His sanctuary, and there came flashes of lightning, and voices, and peals of thunder, and an earthquake, and heavy hail. Revelation 11:19

Imagine standing in the very Sanctuary of Heaven with the Ark that contained the Covenant that was the model for the earthly ark and covenant! To me, this is breathtaking! What will it be like to hear Jesus declare His Word in the Heavenly Sanctuary? Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty!

The seven Messengers for forth to pour the cups of wrath upon the earth

Flashes of lightning followed, and voices, and peals of thunder, and an earthquake more dreadful than there had ever been since there was a man upon the earth--so terrible was it, and so great! Revelation 16:18

When the seventh cup is poured out, just as the blood of Jesus was poured out, a declaration goes forth: “It is done!” There are times in our life when we can declare, “It is done!” One of those precious times is when you accept Jesus as your personal savior. There is a finality, comfort, and peace that know something is done.

A Man Is Born Again

St. Ambrose says that a Christian wife was on a journey with her heathen husband, when a terrific thunderstorm arose, which overwhelmed the man with terror. His wife asked for the cause. He replied, “Are you not afraid?” She answered, “No, not at all: for I know that it is the voice of my heavenly Father, and shall a child be afraid of a father’s voice?” The husband saw that his wife had what he had not, and this led him to the adoption of Christianity.

Amidst Praise, it is announced that the time for the Wedding Supper of the Lamb has come

And I seemed to hear the voices of a great multitude and the sound of many waters and of loud peals of thunder, which said, "Hallelujah! Because the Lord our God, the Ruler of all, has Revelation 19:6

Thunder would be present at the vast assemblage of the faithful of Jesus Christ. After this instance of thunder, it is never mentioned again in Holy Scripture. The thunders have served its Master and can now depart in peace.

Will you be at the Wedding Supper of the Lamb?


Throughout history, God has called certain women of God to step out from their homes to fight forces of evil and make history. Celeste Solum was born for such a time as this. God strategically placed her in careers, events, and situations that are now converging during these End Times. Following in her dad's footsteps she worked for Homeland Security and FEMA. She worked the infamous day of 9-11 and numerous other operations. Celeste also has education and experience in medicine, agriculture, and prepping. Celeste supports the Body of Christ in with her Blog Behind the Scenes with Celeste, writes news articles through a biblical lens, offers a dynamic Patreon site, and creates the Celestial Report; a weekly subscriber video news program. Celeste Solum is a speaker at True Legends The Conference 2020 in Branson, MO, July 10-12th.

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December 1, 2019
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