Season of Annihilation

March 8, 2020

By Celeste Solum

“Come now, solemnest feast on the road to eternal freedom,
Death, and destroy those fetters that bow, those walls that imprison
This our transient life, these souls that linger in the darkness,
So that, at last, we see what is here withheld from our vision,
Long did we seek you, freedom, indiscipline, action, and suffering,
Now that we die, in the face of God Himself we behold You.”
The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

This is a season of cyclical annihilation. You are working in the fields of daily life and tending to your affairs in a natural manner. The wise and prudent among man, woman or child, make Jesus their foundation, your cornerstone, and central to your life. As you stand in line at Costco, grocery store, health food store, or drug store you are securing the last vestiges of the world the God created. You are being prepared for days of slaughter. The countdown to cannibalism has begun and you are the meal. The world we know it has transitioned into a synthetic artifice engineered by entities that hate God and hate you, whether you believe in Him or not. The Babylonian Processional and Ishtar Gates are being erected for all manner of evil spirits, demons, and entities to cavort, seduce, and deceive mankind. The world is calling it a wonder. All the while, Satan embodied in the Anti-Christ, has begun making his final preparations to mark his enraptured captives.

We have been endowed with powerful weapons such as the armor of God and the mighty weapon of fasting with which to battle Satanic ideology. When we fast, we recognize the omniscience of Jesus and that He is everywhere and that His power and presence fill the grand temple of earth filling every vacuum. We defeat the fears within the soul as we subdue sin and the desires of the flesh in Jesus's Name. It is up to each of you to fast and pray against the Spirit of Annihilation in Jesus' Name.

We need to come together as the Christian Community to rebuke the spirit of Ishtar and Babylon and any offspring they may bear, in Jesus' Name, those nameless ones, desire to carry us into everlasting bondage in the fiery pit of hell.

Let us cry out the words of scripture stirring the Lord to put fear and confusion into the enemy's plans:

“I will send My terror ahead of you and throw into confusion every nation you encounter. I will make all your enemies turn and run. I will send the hornet before you to drive the Hivites and Canaanites and Hittites out of your way”.… Exodus 23:7

We need to come together with the Master of Legions to reverse the enemies plans having faith in His mercy as He did during the time of Esther, “Write ye also for the Jews, as it liketh you, in the king's name, and seal it with the king's ring: for the writing which is written in the king's name, and sealed with the king's ring, may no man reverse.” Esther 8:8

Humbly petition Almighty Jesus, and may we be granted to see our enemy’s perpetrators hang upon the gallows and guillotines meant for us just as in the days of old,

“Hang the enemy perpetrators on the gallows meant for us: Haman’s house. He had it built for Mordecai, who gave the report that saved the king. ‘Hang him on it!’ declared the king. So, they hanged Haman on the gallows he had prepared for Mordecai. Then the fury of the king subsided.” Esther 7:10

We know that the words of prophecy must come to pass for the return of Jesus. Let us ponder and let us be in solemn prayer during this time.

“Tell me, You whom my soul loves: Where will You graze Your flock? Where will you rest them from under the fiercest sun of harshest wickedness? O, my dear Jesus, Whom my soul loves, even though my deeds are degenerate and black as sin, You are the lover of my soul and of my life.” Song of Songs 1:7

I share with you frankly, that the Good Shepherd, Jesus, will pasture His flock among the wolves in which we dwell. Jesus will provide us rest during what will seem to be a long journey through evil days. We will endure intense suffering and there will be no relief, but, a short time. Each of us will be beckoned to enter the King’s chamber, while wrath seethes upon the Planet Earth, and we will lack for nothing. Some will see the return of Jesus, but many of us will lose our physical lives, momentarily, and then be transformed. With glorified bodies safe and secure dwelling forever in the rich abundance of the heavenly realm-forever with our Beloved.

Throughout history God has called certain women of God to step out from their homes to fight forces of evil and make history. Celeste Solum was born for such a time as this. God strategically placed her in careers, events, and situations that are now converging during these End Times. Following in her dad's footsteps she worked for Homeland Security and FEMA. She worked the infamous day of 9-11 and numerous other operations. Celeste also has education and experience in medicine, agriculture, and prepping. Celeste supports the Body of Christ in with her Blog Behind the Scenes with Celeste, writes news articles through a biblical lens, offers a dynamic Patreon site, and creates the Celestial Report; a weekly subscriber video news program. Celeste Solum is a speaker at True Legends The Conference 2020 in Branson, MO, July 10-12th.

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March 8, 2020
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11 months ago

yes, it is time the Body of Christ wake up, put on the complete armour of God and literally walk out our full salvation with all the angelic host awaiting our command...

gail jansen
gail jansen
4 months ago

As we are shoved deeper and deeper into clutches of Satan and his minions, 'relationship' becomes a righteous contemplation. Relationship to Christ, relationship to government, relationship to friends and family. Real meat and potatoes relationships with those who are carrying the long spears of responsibility to become the bridge, are few and far between. The Gen Six voices are that, the listeners and watchers, or human intelligence gathers who become my friends. I rarely use the word friend these days as treachery is far more common. But virtual relationships are rapidly translating into spiritual partnerships...the most radical and powerful metamorphosis… Read more »

3 months ago

My mind is being renewed with truth. Thankyou



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